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Fuck You, Pay Me

So, last week I read Katie’s (aka Fatty McCupcake’s) WTF Wednesday post where she lamented a lack of legitimate, paying, freelance writing gigs. And trust me, that struggle is real.

Jumping off of that, I was excited when I scrolled through my Twitter feed (instead of just going straight to my mentions) for the first time in about a month and saw a call for submission for a women-only anthology that specified “this is paid.” I’m feminine-of-center. I have women writer friends. What a fantastic opportunity! Continue reading “Fuck You, Pay Me”

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Obligatory New Year’s Resolutions Post

Last year, I did non-resolutions–things I wasn’t going to focus on in 2018. That went over about as well as any of my normal resolutions do. Which just goes to prove that resolutions of any kind are kind of ridiculous. The average person just can’t sit down on January 1st and make decisions for their entire upcoming year. It’s just not realistic.

But it sure is goddamn fun, isn’t it?

So, in the spirit of the time of year, here are the “resolutions” I’m “making” for 2019 that I almost definitely will forget about by February! Continue reading “Obligatory New Year’s Resolutions Post”

Personal Update

Life Ain’t Bad

Alternately titled: What I was doing while I forgot the internet existed!

Have I mentioned that I can’t wait for the new semester to start, because I desperately need a routine to be able to function? If not, let me assure you: I can’t, because I do.

I mean, I think most people would be happy that their Real Life is so full and bustling that they haven’t had time for the internet. And, I’m sure if I didn’t know so many incredible people online and love you all so very, very much, I’d probably also be happy to forget the internet exists. But, I do enjoy keeping up with all of you, so I don’t like when I don’t have at least a little time to devote to my social media (which I consider myself lucky if I remember to check it twice a day) and to this space.

Although, in a general sense, I am happy with some of the things I’ve been doing, lately. Happy enough that I want to share them with you. Continue reading “Life Ain’t Bad”

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Life is That Thing That Sometimes Hits You Like a Truck When You’re Not Looking

When I revamped my blog, I decided I didn’t want to make anymore random, nonsensical, stream-of-consciousness posts which amounted to little more than a voyeuristic look into the train wreck of my personal life. And, I’m sticking to that.

I also still want to share what’s going on in my life with you all, because you’re amazing and I love you and sharing is caring. And also, life caused me to miss last Friday’s post and I have a compulsive need to explain myself so you won’t be angry. Continue reading “Life is That Thing That Sometimes Hits You Like a Truck When You’re Not Looking”

Mental Health

It's like Russian Roulette, but without the sweet relief of death.

(Is that title too morbid? It’s, like, one in the morning as I write this, and I don’t always make the best decisions at one in the morning.)

Here’s the million dollar question:

Is this my rational mind talking, or the depression and/or anxiety?

Continue reading “It's like Russian Roulette, but without the sweet relief of death.”

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Friday Faves: "D's Get Degrees" and other amazing things I've read online.

I want to start this off with my favorite thing I’ve read online in my entire life: a post from the fantastic Damn, Girl Get Your Shit Together! called “Fuck Lifetime Movies.”

Damn, Girl is pretty much one of my top three blogs I recently started following and I really don’t know where this woman has been all my life. But, her post from last week on getting shit done vs getting shit perfect and being an overachiever vs being a high achiever in particular had me walking away with some of the best advice I’d ever not received in my life: D’s get degrees. Three words (not even; two words and a letter) probably just saved my entire academic career. That deserves some fucking applause.

Like, “you don’t have to do it all,” isn’t new advice. But it’s always gonna be good and relevant advice. And DGGYST lays it down in a way that’s straightforward and amusing. So, get your shit together and go read her blog.

I don’t usually link to click-bait BS from Buzzfeed, because it’s click-bait BS from Buzzfeed. But, this collection of 18 Tweets that Will Make Anyone Aged 21-29 Laugh and the Cry literally did make me laugh and then cry. #5 is basically how I live my life and why I switched to the financially stable major instead of the “maybe if I’m lucky I might be able to live my dream in my studio apartment I have to share with three other people because I’m broke AF” major.

And, since three is a nice round number (I’m a witch; Law of Threes, anyone?), I want to close this out with one of my favorite writing advice sites: DrakeU.com Drake U is run my Maxwell Alexander Drake who writes fantasy novels (not really my thing) and the Drake’s Brutal Writing Advice series of non-fiction instructional books (absolutely my thing). I’ve attended a few of his panels at Comic Con and he really is brutal. He wants everyone who wants to be a writer to get their MFA in creative writing, which I don’t necessarily agree with. But, his instructional books are pretty solid and his advice is blunt and a little scary, which helps to weed out the weak. Plus, he’s just kind of a cool dude.

I love you all.

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