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Why I Just Can’t with Facebook, Anymore

Lately, when it’s come to Facebook, I’ve been drifting away. I stick to a couple of groups I’m in, and that’s about it. It makes me sad, but it’s also been pretty freeing.

I’ve always had a hate-love relationship with Facebook. Not a love-hate relationship, because that implies that I loved it more than I hated it, or at least loved and hated it equally. That’s never been the case, or at least not since I first joined some ten years ago. For the last… I’ll say eight years, I’ve definitely hated Facebook more than I’ve loved it.

Still, for as big of a cesspool as I found it to be, it had its high points. It allowed me to keep in touch with friends I otherwise would have lost contact with. That was enough for me to not completely abandon ship.

Not so, anymore. Continue reading “Why I Just Can’t with Facebook, Anymore”


Diary: A Hairy Situation

Let’s talk about shaving.

Shaving is a politically charged act and everyone has an opinion about it, whether they realize it or not. It’s one of those things no one really thinks about until someone makes them, but once someone makes them it’s like their point of view is the only one that makes sense. [Probably because they don’t think about it; they consider it just to be common sense.] Continue reading “Diary: A Hairy Situation”