Well, that’s a roundabout way to say “read more”

I’ve been trying really hard to get back in touch with my creative side. I really miss art and crafts and having an imagination that reaches beyond imagining myself either vastly wealthy or living in a dumpster. They say to fake it until you make it, so I’m trying to fake myself into believing I’m still an artistic person.

I’m just a bit starved for ideas, at the moment. And motivation, if I’m honest. Time is a precious commodity and I can’t spare too much on frivolous things like enjoyment.

Writer’s block is a nightmare. Writing is the only creative thing I really have time for, because I can do it literally anywhere I have access to paper and a writing implement. Which is everywhere, because I carry a notebook and pen with me. But nothing comes.

Don’t you just hate that?

I don’t even know what to blog about. I seriously considered doing another diet post, because I don’t know what else to say (that isn’t just… horribly depressing). That’s how deep this writer’s block is going.

On the bright side, with all that time spent not creating things myself, I’ve been reading things other people have created! So, here are a couple books you should pick up, if you like good stories. Continue reading “Well, that’s a roundabout way to say “read more””

Mental Health

Little Mental Illness Pick-Me-Ups

I’m lying in bed as I write this. I woke up at 10:00 this morning, lay in bed for two hours, then fell back asleep for another two hours. I have a list of things I wanted to get done today written in my planner, but I don’t think that’s happening. Instead, I’m eating popcorn and watching TruTV’s Top Funniest.

I’m mulling over some political questions, like whether hate speech should be protected under the first amendment, and is it really a “peaceful protest” if the point is to promote hate against certain groups (which says nothing for the… you know… death which occurred)?

But, I don’t want to talk about those things, right now. I don’t even really want to be thinking about them, but it’s tough not to.

So, instead, I’m here with distractions, because maybe I’m not the only one thinking about these things and wishing they could just have five minutes where everything doesn’t seem bleak and hopeless.

First, I want to share this amazing Autostraddle article on self care: All the Small Things: 5 Simple Self-Care Methods for Your Daily Routine. It’s amazing and I recommend it to everyone who might need a little more enjoyment in their lives.

Amazon offers a ton of free ebooks for Kindle. Here’s “The Paranormal 13 (13 free books featuring witches, vampires, werewolves, mermaids, psychics, Loki, time travel, and more).” I’m not sure of the quality of stories, but you can’t argue with free. If paranormal isn’t your thing, you can go to whatever your favorite genre is and sort them by price low-to-high. You’ll get tons of free ones right there at the top. [I ordered so many self-help how to talk to people books, guys.]

Here is one of the most comprehensive lists of websites for dealing with anxiety and calming down I’ve ever seen, put together by Tumblr user iammissanna.

And finally, as if Arya and Brienne of Tarth’s swordfight on Game of Thrones (S06E04) couldn’t have been any better, here it is with lightsbaers BECAUSE STAR WARS.

Stay safe and sane out there, kids.

I love you all.

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