If you’re not making magic, can you really call yourself a witch?

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I mean, short answer: Yes, as long as you identify as a witch. Obviously. I just needed a catchy title.

I’ve hit a bit of a spiritual slump, lately. This is something that commonly happens with me (depression, anxiety, and the crippling inability to function that comes with them). When I feel overwhelmed, anything that is not absolutely essential to my survival gets left by the way side.

This is trying for me, because my spirituality is a very important part of my life. Continue reading “If you’re not making magic, can you really call yourself a witch?”

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Bombasine Moonbeam Lunar Planner

Potential Triggers for this Post: Brief talk of menstruation

Speaking of the moon phases

I’m a bit of a planner junkie. I compulsively buy planners I never use for various reasons (ranging from “I will totally get my shit together” to “Oh, pretty shiny!”). Like my stacks of empty notebooks, I’ve come to almost collect them.

Finding the perfect planner for myself has become a spiritual quest, for me. I’ve come close (I currently have what I affectionately call a “franken-planner” that I will probably show in a later post), but one thing has always eluded me:

Moon phases for planning my ritual work. Continue reading “Bombasine Moonbeam Lunar Planner”