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Adie and Allen Save the World

A couple months ago, my best blogger buddy, Allen of Das Midnight Goose, proposed we get together digitally, discuss and array of topics, and solve the world’s problems through shit-talking. A conference of complaint, if you will. We’d then share these results with our respective readers. Allen’s post on Monday covered a range of topics both serious and frivolous. Today, my topics are all technology based, because I was feeling uppity that day.

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Blogtober 2018, Friday Free-For-All

Friday Free-For-All: How To Survive Social Media (by someone who fkn hates social media)

To preface this: This is not “how to use social media.” This isn’t some SEO BS post about how you can get a billion followers with “this one simple trick!”

This post is about navigating the sea of garbage that exists on websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s about how to have a presence on those sites and still be able to go to sleep at night not feeling like maybe global nuclear destruction isn’t such a bad option, after all.

It is not easy. That’s why I post once in a blue moon; because social media makes me sick.

For my own convenience, I’m going to break this down by website and start with the worst of the worst. Continue reading “Friday Free-For-All: How To Survive Social Media (by someone who fkn hates social media)”

Rants and Ramblings

The Joys of Public Transit

I don’t drive. Not only do I don’t drive, but the most important thing I’ve learned while learning to drive is that I’m also very bad at it. So, maybe it’s a good thing I don’t drive. Not only is it a necessity that I take public transit, but it’s also a public service. You’re welcome.

Still, nothing is a better motivator to learn and improve my driving than riding the bus. The city bus is a cesspool of some of the worst humans the world has to offer. Case in point.
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Blogtober 2017, College, Friday Faves

Friday Faves: "D's Get Degrees" and other amazing things I've read online.

I want to start this off with my favorite thing I’ve read online in my entire life: a post from the fantastic Damn, Girl Get Your Shit Together! called “Fuck Lifetime Movies.”

Damn, Girl is pretty much one of my top three blogs I recently started following and I really don’t know where this woman has been all my life. But, her post from last week on getting shit done vs getting shit perfect and being an overachiever vs being a high achiever in particular had me walking away with some of the best advice I’d ever not received in my life: D’s get degrees. Three words (not even; two words and a letter) probably just saved my entire academic career. That deserves some fucking applause.

Like, “you don’t have to do it all,” isn’t new advice. But it’s always gonna be good and relevant advice. And DGGYST lays it down in a way that’s straightforward and amusing. So, get your shit together and go read her blog.

I don’t usually link to click-bait BS from Buzzfeed, because it’s click-bait BS from Buzzfeed. But, this collection of 18 Tweets that Will Make Anyone Aged 21-29 Laugh and the Cry literally did make me laugh and then cry. #5 is basically how I live my life and why I switched to the financially stable major instead of the “maybe if I’m lucky I might be able to live my dream in my studio apartment I have to share with three other people because I’m broke AF” major.

And, since three is a nice round number (I’m a witch; Law of Threes, anyone?), I want to close this out with one of my favorite writing advice sites: Drake U is run my Maxwell Alexander Drake who writes fantasy novels (not really my thing) and the Drake’s Brutal Writing Advice series of non-fiction instructional books (absolutely my thing). I’ve attended a few of his panels at Comic Con and he really is brutal. He wants everyone who wants to be a writer to get their MFA in creative writing, which I don’t necessarily agree with. But, his instructional books are pretty solid and his advice is blunt and a little scary, which helps to weed out the weak. Plus, he’s just kind of a cool dude.

I love you all.

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