Surviving Winter: Southern California Edition

It’s December and everyone is posting their tips for surviving winter. That’s cute and all, and they’re really interesting reads (really; I love me some Crock Pot dinners, so shower me in your stew and soup recipes), but I live in Southern California, so 90% of it doesn’t apply to me. Down jackets? Heated blankets? I would die of heat stroke.

Winters in Southern California are akin to the brisk beginnings of fall I experienced when I lived in Colorado Springs. Pleasantly cool and the perfect temperature for cute layered outfits without being so bundled up you waddle everywhere you go. (Do you all hate me, yet?)

Even so, California winters are still much colder than California summers.

So, here are my top four tips for surviving winter, So Cal style.

Shall we?
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Blogtober 2017, Sartorial Saturday

Sartorial Saturday: The Witch Jacket, part 2

Last week I mentioned that my purple jacket shrank during the dying process and was now too small for me. I would have to rebuild my witch jacket from scratch, a task I wasn’t looking forward to, at all.

But, the desire to procrastinate on my homework is strong and I managed to get it done in a day.

I also said I was going to take better pictures of it, but the last thing I want to do is take pictures while I’m bloated and cramping, so you get the cell phone pictures my mom took. They’re not bad pictures, they’re just not great. There’s also just two of them: front and back. I’ll definitely post better pictures of just the vest later if anyone wants to see. Continue reading “Sartorial Saturday: The Witch Jacket, part 2”

Blogtober 2017, Sartorial Saturday

Sartorial Saturday: HAHA OOPS!

Note: This was actually supposed to be posted last Saturday, but I guess I didn’t schedule it??? HAHAHAHA OOPS OH WELL, HERE, HAVE IT TODAY.

Huh. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea. I’ve never been one for dressing up on weekends. Bras are for weekdays.

Also, I’m sunburned and don’t feel like wearing anything other than my Deadpool tank and lounge pants.

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