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Adie and Allen Save the World

A couple months ago, my best blogger buddy, Allen of Das Midnight Goose, proposed we get together digitally, discuss and array of topics, and solve the world’s problems through shit-talking. A conference of complaint, if you will. We’d then share these results with our respective readers. Allen’s post on Monday covered a range of topics both serious and frivolous. Today, my topics are all technology based, because I was feeling uppity that day.

And so, without further ado… Continue reading “Adie and Allen Save the World”

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Thankful Thursday: Mental Health Help

You know what I’m really thankful for, lately? All of the mental health assistance I’ve received over the last month and a half. The last six weeks (and the last two weeks in particular) have honestly been kind of life-changing for me. Continue reading “Thankful Thursday: Mental Health Help”

Personal Update

Life Ain’t Bad

Alternately titled: What I was doing while I forgot the internet existed!

Have I mentioned that I can’t wait for the new semester to start, because I desperately need a routine to be able to function? If not, let me assure you: I can’t, because I do.

I mean, I think most people would be happy that their Real Life is so full and bustling that they haven’t had time for the internet. And, I’m sure if I didn’t know so many incredible people online and love you all so very, very much, I’d probably also be happy to forget the internet exists. But, I do enjoy keeping up with all of you, so I don’t like when I don’t have at least a little time to devote to my social media (which I consider myself lucky if I remember to check it twice a day) and to this space.

Although, in a general sense, I am happy with some of the things I’ve been doing, lately. Happy enough that I want to share them with you. Continue reading “Life Ain’t Bad”

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Just stupid little depression things.

Contrary to popular belief, I am trying very hard to be optimistic. In general, I’ve been doing okay. My sleep schedule is semi-on-track, which is good. I’m excited to start school next week (okay, “excited” is a strong word; I’m ready to start school next week and get one semester closer to a damn degree).

Overall, I feel pretty okay. Not great, but I can get out of bed and shower and make myself a milkshake. Not too shabby. I’ve definitely had worse days. Continue reading “Just stupid little depression things.”

Mental Health

It's like Russian Roulette, but without the sweet relief of death.

(Is that title too morbid? It’s, like, one in the morning as I write this, and I don’t always make the best decisions at one in the morning.)

Here’s the million dollar question:

Is this my rational mind talking, or the depression and/or anxiety?

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Mental Health

Mental Health Update

Happy New Year! Again.

It’s the start of a new year, and it’s Monday, and even though I have non-resolutions instead of resolutions, one of my overall goals is to update this blog on a more concise schedule. Something like Blog-tober, but not daily because I still need time to study and not panic about self-imposed deadlines.

Monday starts with “M” and “M” is for “Mental Health.” Continue reading “Mental Health Update”