Friday Free-For-All: Crate Shelf Craft Project

So, my ex and dear, dear friend, Pup, got me hooked on using wooden crates as shelving. When he first suggested it, I was pretty hesitant–how… rustic. I have much more of a sleek-gothic-meets-angry-punk style. But, I agreed because we didn’t really have many other options at the time. Those crates are super cheap at craft stores like Michael’s and Joann’s and prefabricated box shelving is not cheap.

(I tend to avoid free-floating shelves because they’re bad Feng Shui–yea, I’m one of those people.)

It didn’t take me long to get hooked. Now, with a few exceptions, I use crates for all my shelving. Like I said, Michael’s sells these unfinished crates for cheap (the “half crate” one I used for this project was only about $7 and they almost always have coupons to get the price down even more). They come in a few different sizes and styles to fit your needs (these small ones are my faves because they’re great for holding DVD/BluRay boxes and I have a ton of movies). Because they’re unfinished, it’s incredibly easy to customize them to fit your décor. I’m currently in the process of refinishing mine to match my black-and-white-striped bedroom theme.

So, let’s get to it! Read More


Coming Out: A Blogtober Interlude

This isn’t part of my normal Blogtober line-up, but as today is National Coming Out Day, I wanted to say a little something for the occasion. Read More

Thankful Thursday: Old Friends

Last week, I talked about all the incredible new friends I’ve met over the last year or so. Like I said, making friends has never been easy for me. I was never the person who had a big group of friends–I always had a few select close friends I could count on.

And I can still count on them. Read More

Watch-This Wednesday: YouTube

Sorry this is a little late. Things happen. But, it’s here! Yay!

This week, I want to share some of my favorite YouTube channels. Expect gaming. That’s pretty much all I watch on YouTube anymore, so if you’re not a gamer, this post probably isn’t for you. Read More

Tasty Tuesday: Chicken Parmesan

This is one of my favorite dishes. I could eat Chicken Parm for pretty much any meal of the day (and, in fact, I have).

The most important thing to keep in mind when making any kind of chicken dish is seasoning. Chicken needs seasoning. I’m very passionate about this. That chicken didn’t give up it’s life for you to eat it bland and dry.

Alright, let’s get to it! Read More

Music Monday – It’s a girl thing

In these hyper-political times, it seems like every move we make is a political choice. Even down to the food you eat–and I’m not just talking about you monsters who eat pineapple on pizza (I kid, I kid, you’re not monsters; I love you and your bad choices).

Music is no exception. Now, obviously, I’m not one of those people who run around saying, “I only listen to all-women radical feminist bands who sing about castrating men and creating a lesbian utopia,” although a lesbian utopia sounds kind of awesome. I mean, last week’s Music Monday was completely dedicated to the all-male band Imagine Dragons and I love them.

But, I have at times noticed that a lot of the bands I listen to are all-male bands or male-fronted and, while their music is catchy, it isn’t always easy for me to relate to. Of course, as an AFAB person, it’s easier for me to relate to bands at least fronted by women and AFAB people.

So, here are some of my favorite bands/artists featuring women and AFAB folks in the lead: Read More

Sunday Spirit – Crystal Collection

If you’re super new around here, it might behoove you to know I’m a witch. …I don’t know why I decided to go with “behoove” there, but here we are.

Crystals are a huge part of my witchcraft. I would even say they’re the main part of my witchcraft. Crystals are a great way to harness and channel energy in a way you can easily carry with you. They’re my favorite.

And I have a lot of them.

Like… A LOT.

So, to close out this first week of Blogtober, I want to share a small part of my collection with you. I have larger pieces which are more for display than practice and some medium-to-large pieces for long-term energy work, but the overwhelming majority of my collection are small tumbled stones easy to carry with me (either in a bag, bottle, or just alone). So, I also want to show you all how I store and keep them organized. Read More

A Blogtober Switch-Up – Saturday Share

So, I’d originally planned for Saturdays to be fashion posts for Blogtober, because I really do enjoy putting outfits together and sharing them. But, honestly, I’m feeling very self-conscious and don’t like how I looked in any of the pictures. The outfit didn’t seem to fit right and looked frumpy and just… I didn’t like it, I didn’t like seeing myself, so I’m scrapping that idea. I’m much more comfortable behind the camera, anyway.

Which leaves me in a bit of a pickle about what to do for Saturdays.

While I try to figure out what to do for the remaining three Saturdays, please enjoy this update about what’s been going on with me, lately. Read More

Friday Free-For-All: Let’s Hook Up!

I’m chronically single at the moment. And, while I did say at the beginning the year that I wasn’t going to put forth any effort in regards to romance, it’s impossible to not think about it at all. I’m human and I just want to be loved…

…in very specific ways. Kind of like a cat. Except I won’t scratch your face if you try to take away my food. …okay, exactly like a cat.

I’ve been seriously considering making a new dating profile, despite my first-hand experience and evidence that dating websites are full of assholes and weirdos. It will probably never happen, because of the aforementioned assholes and weirdos, but I’ve still been wondering what I might put into said profile.

And then I decided, hey! I have a blog! Why don’t I just make a post that’s basically my dating profile and then I can just send the link to my potential victims matches! BRILLIANT!

Let’s begin. Read More

Thankful Thursday: New Friends

I’ve never been great at making friends. In high school, the way I made friends was latching onto one or two nice people who made the mistake of being polite to me and integrating myself into their friend-group. After high school, I had one person who I could honestly call my friend (and even then barely), and all of my social outings happened through her.

Through her, I met Pup, and when she and I fell out, Pup’s friends became my new friends. After we fell out with them, it was pretty much just me and Pup against the world, even after we broke up.

But, lately, I’ve been making friends left-and-right. And, honestly, I couldn’t be more grateful. Read More

Watch-This Wednesday: Cartoons

Like most millennials, I spend a lot of time trying to relive my childhood instead of thinking about my bleak present and bleaker future. These days, it’s easy to pretend I’m still a kid with so many great cartoons.

Here are some of my animated TV faves. Read More

Tasty Tuesday: Ice Cream Filled Cake Pops

Yea, you read that right. I took the greatness of cake pops and shoved ice cream into them. And yea, they are as good as you’d expect.

I like chocolate, okay.

It’s still pretty warm here in Southern California, so I thought a nice cool ice cream and cake treat would be perfect to send out these dwindling days of summer. Cake pops are fun and cute little treats, made 1000% better by adding a small scoop of chocolate ice cream.

As you can see, I like a hefty cake-to-ice cream ratio. You can use less cake, but I’m not sure how well they’ll work. The cake adds the stability needed to keep it on the stick when dipping.

But, we’ll get to that. I’m sure you’re wondering how you too can make this playful delicacy.

Well, follow me, my friends. It’s actually easier than you might think. Read More