White People and Cheese

A friend of mine got me started on a thing over on Facebook and now I’m bringing it here because I can. For those of you not in the know, I love food and I love science, so I frickin’ love food science. I’m not good at making nutritionally sound choices (yet!), but I love nutrition.

So, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite weird nutrition facts:

White people like cheese so much because we can eat it.

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Little Mental Illness Pick-Me-Ups

I’m lying in bed as I write this. I woke up at 10:00 this morning, lay in bed for two hours, then fell back asleep for another two hours. I have a list of things I wanted to get done today written in my planner, but I don’t think that’s happening. Instead, I’m eating popcorn and watching TruTV’s Top Funniest.

I’m mulling over some political questions, like whether hate speech should be protected under the first amendment, and is it really a “peaceful protest” if the point is to promote hate against certain groups (which says nothing for the… you know… death which occurred)?

But, I don’t want to talk about those things, right now. I don’t even really want to be thinking about them, but it’s tough not to.

So, instead, I’m here with distractions, because maybe I’m not the only one thinking about these things and wishing they could just have five minutes where everything doesn’t seem bleak and hopeless.

First, I want to share this amazing Autostraddle article on self care: All the Small Things: 5 Simple Self-Care Methods for Your Daily Routine. It’s amazing and I recommend it to everyone who might need a little more enjoyment in their lives.

Amazon offers a ton of free ebooks for Kindle. Here’s “The Paranormal 13 (13 free books featuring witches, vampires, werewolves, mermaids, psychics, Loki, time travel, and more).” I’m not sure of the quality of stories, but you can’t argue with free. If paranormal isn’t your thing, you can go to whatever your favorite genre is and sort them by price low-to-high. You’ll get tons of free ones right there at the top. [I ordered so many self-help how to talk to people books, guys.]

Here is one of the most comprehensive lists of websites for dealing with anxiety and calming down I’ve ever seen, put together by Tumblr user iammissanna.

And finally, as if Arya and Brienne of Tarth’s swordfight on Game of Thrones (S06E04) couldn’t have been any better, here it is with lightsbaers BECAUSE STAR WARS.

Stay safe and sane out there, kids.

I love you all.

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The Bibliophile's Nightmare

I’ve been putting off considering this for a long, long time, because just the thought makes me sick to my stomach. But…

My walls are closing in on me. I think I need to get rid of some books.

The horror. Read More

My Mom is Awesome

So, I was in the car with my mother the other day and she was complaining about how the only time I mention her on my blog is to complain about her. She was, of course, referring to my referring to that time she told me my armpit hair was gross. She would like it to be known that I have called her/things she’s done gross on many occasions and that was the only reason she said my armpit hair was gross. Read More

Yesterday was not a good day.

warning sign

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Perfection is Boring, Anyway

I’ve been doing things, which is very weird for me. They aren’t big, life-changing things, but they are things all the same. I am expending energy where previously I lay in bed thinking about expending energy, then went to get another bowl of ice cream.

I bought some tools to finish a project I’ve been meaning to work on for a while… and I’ve actually started working on the project. Assuming things go to plan, it should be finished by the end of August. Maybe sooner. Read More

Diary: A Hairy Situation

Let’s talk about shaving.

Shaving is a politically charged act and everyone has an opinion about it, whether they realize it or not. It’s one of those things no one really thinks about until someone makes them, but once someone makes them it’s like their point of view is the only one that makes sense. [Probably because they don’t think about it; they consider it just to be common sense.] Read More

Crafts: Double Raw Edge Back Patch from a T-Shirt

So, I have this shirt from Bad Girls, Good Vibes (beware: semi-NSFW) that has my favorite design in the world on it. I’m not even kidding, I want to buy about a hundred of these shirts so I’ll always have spares when it gets worn out.

I actually have two of them, because the first one I bought… it was nice and comfortable, but a little baggy for my taste, so I bought it a size smaller. Truth be told, the smaller size is a little baggy, too, so I may end up getting a third, because why not?

So, since I have one that I won’t wear anymore, I was kind of at a loss of what to do with it. I didn’t want to give it to charity because it’s kind of NSFW and I wasn’t sure they’d actually accept it. I really didn’t want it to get thrown out or turned into rags, but I also don’t know anyone it wouldn’t have been huge on.

Then I realized that I’ve been waiting forever for her to restock the back patches with the same design (something I don’t think is going to happen, since they aren’t even listed on her site, anymore). Rather than buy a new patch when/if they’re restocked, I could just turn my old shirt into one! Yes! DIY to the rescue!

09I also figured, why not show everyone my awesome DIY skills? So, here’s a little tutorial for those of you who might be interested. Maybe your favorite shirt from high school doesn’t fit anymore, but you still wish you could rock that cool design. Here you go!


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Sundays are for Donuts

When I was a little kid–way back in the day when kids still went trick-or-treating and my dad still pretended he loved my mom and I had a semi-functional family–we used to have a tradition. Kind of. I always thought of it as a tradition, at least, in my little seven-year-old way.

My dad worked a lot when I was younger. He always had to travel out of town for business (or maybe “business”; who could be sure), so he’d be gone a lot of the week. But, he was usually home on weekends and we’d play and he’d be Fun Dad™ and all that sort of stuff.

One of the things we’d do was on Sundays. He’d get me and my brother up and we’d all go down to Ye Olde Doughnut Shoppe (remember when there were stores other than Dunkin’ Donuts devoted just to selling donuts?) and we’d pick up donuts for breakfast. Usually we’d drive, but sometimes, if the weather permitted, we’d walk. It was about a mile, but I was young and still in good shape, so I didn’t mind.

I don’t know why I suddenly just thought of that. I was just staring out my window, thinking I’d like to walk over to the grocery store and pick up a donut for breakfast, when it came to me. Okay, so, I guess I know why (or maybe how) it came to me. But, it’s weird because I’ve gone plenty of mornings in this exact situation and I never think about it.

I hardly think about anything from my past, anymore.

This has been a weird summer for me, so far.

Edit to add: I went and got some donuts. Because Sundays are for donuts.

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It’s been too hot to leave the apartment this week, so instead of running errands I decided to stay in and organize my non-display stones/crystals for storage. Check it out:


That doesn’t include the about twenty pounds of rough I have, as well. I might have a problem. Read More

Summer Excitement

I usually hate summer. The heat and all the kids being out of school, crowding the stores and parks and beaches. Seasonal depression (seasonal affective disorder) is this form of depression related to changes in the seasons. Usually, it happens in the fall and winter, so I’ve always joked that I have the opposite; I get horribly depressed in the summer and pick back up in colder weather.

But, for some reason, I am just… digging it this summer. Read More