Sunday Sweets: Mug Cake… from a box?

So, I was planning on making mini cupcakes, but while out shopping my mother and I found this interesting thing from Duncan Hines we’d never seen before. I’m sure by this point everyone has heard of mug cakes; take the ingredients, mix them in a mug, nuke it for a minute–Bam! Instant dessert.


It was really only a matter of time before someone capitalized on such a great idea. So, of course, I had to try them. Read More


Sartorial Saturday: HAHA OOPS!

Note: This was actually supposed to be posted last Saturday, but I guess I didn’t schedule it??? HAHAHAHA OOPS OH WELL, HERE, HAVE IT TODAY.

Huh. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea. I’ve never been one for dressing up on weekends. Bras are for weekdays.

Also, I’m sunburned and don’t feel like wearing anything other than my Deadpool tank and lounge pants.

But, I have some older outfit-ish pictures! Read More

Friday Faves: Reading!

I used to read a lot when I was younger. Then I got to college and I only had time to read school-related things and that sucked! Now, I’m trying to read more for me and my enjoyment, instead of turning into one of those people who hates reading because they associate it with grades and stress.

So, here are a few of my favorite pieces of recreational reading material. Read More

Thankful Thursday: College Edition

This week I’m thankful for the countless opportunities I have been given in my life. Living with depression and anxiety, it can be easy to fall into a cycle of complaint and dissatisfaction. But, there’s a saying that the things we take for granted are the things other people might be praying for.

I complain about school a lot, because it can be overwhelming and exhausting. But, I’m able to go to school without having to worry about it. I don’t have to pay rent. I don’t have to pay my own tuition. And I’m sure if I really needed to, I could get one of my parents to pay for my monthly bus pass.

I’m extremely fortunate that I am able to just devote my time to school. No matter how tired I get, there are so many others who have to work much harder for my same schedule, or who never get such an opportunity at all.

It’s something to be grateful for.

I love you all.

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Witchy Wednesday: How It Began (and a little about where it is now)

Like the majority of the things in my life that end up coming to have the most meaning to me, I got into witchcraft for all the wrong reasons. Read More

TMI Tuesday: Compulsory Sexuality

Apparently, all my TMI Tuesday stuff is focused on my sexuality shifting from identifying as asexual to sexual. *shrugs* It happens. When most people think TMI they probably think of sex, so I guess it fits.

A quick note before we begin:

This was originally written much earlier in the year. This year, I’ve gone through a lot of radical shifts in regards to my identity, including my sexual orientation. Though I do at times still feel like I fall on the ace spectrum at times, I no longer personally identify as asexual for a variety of reasons, some of which I covered last week.

Further, my definitions here may be skewed and I would like to preface this that the definitions I’ve used in this piece do not and should not be taken to define everyone within the asexual community or who consider themselves on the ace spectrum. Asexual people can experience sexual attraction and enjoy sex and still be asexual. The term “asexual” encompasses a wide range of sexual and non-sexual experiences. I am not trying to police anyone’s identity and this post and the ways I’ve personally defined things within it should not be taken as a definitive guide. This is only my personal experiences and definitions.

That being said, I have left this piece originally as it was written for coherency’s sake. Editing and rewriting it to fit me now would result in a completely different post. If there is something in there that you feel really just does not belong or is extremely inaccurate or offensive, please leave a comment letting me know and I will correct it to the best of my ability. It is not my intention to exclude anyone or misrepresent anyone.

  Read More

Monday Musings: Nonsense Ahead. Be Warned.

Stream-of-consciousness rambling behind the link. Read More

Sunday Shorts: The Beast

No sweet treats this week, because baking is too expensive to do weekly and also I need to eat better. So, instead, here’s a little short story I wrote a few years ago. Enjoy!

Title: The Beast
Rating: PG
Genre: Horror/suspense
Word Count: 254 Read More

Diary: Tonight

Tonight is a night of anxious energy. That feeling of too much and not enough all at once wraps around me. I can feel it coil all the way down my spine, from the base of my head down to the tip of my tail bone.

I feel overwhelmed by the everything I need to do. Homework, bills, my life.

Life. Life is hard.

It always bothers my ex when I say that. Life is hard. Being an adult is hard. “Yea,” he tells me. “But it has to be done. But it’s worth it.”

He misses the point every time. I’m not saying that life shouldn’t be hard, sometimes. You never grow if you never face challenges. Stagnation is death and death is boring. Probably. I don’t have any first-hand experience. And I’m not saying life isn’t worth that struggle (although, sometimes the depression lies and tells me so; but I learned a long time ago not to listen to that motherfucker).

It’s stating a fact. Water is wet. The sky is blue. Life is hard. Adulthood is hard. I am tired.

That’s what I’m saying. I am tired. It all feels like too much and just the thought of it runs me down.

Tonight is a night of too much and running down and I blame the news (and I blame the world for the news and sometimes I blame the news for the world, in a vicious circle of Bad Shit™). Tonight is a night of whys and why nots and hows and when is it going to just stop.

Tonight is a night to run a bath, put in a good movie, and write some lists.

One step at a time, back to peace.

I love you all.

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Friday Faves: "D's Get Degrees" and other amazing things I've read online.

I want to start this off with my favorite thing I’ve read online in my entire life: a post from the fantastic Damn, Girl Get Your Shit Together! called “Fuck Lifetime Movies.”

Damn, Girl is pretty much one of my top three blogs I recently started following and I really don’t know where this woman has been all my life. But, her post from last week on getting shit done vs getting shit perfect and being an overachiever vs being a high achiever in particular had me walking away with some of the best advice I’d ever not received in my life: D’s get degrees. Three words (not even; two words and a letter) probably just saved my entire academic career. That deserves some fucking applause.

Like, “you don’t have to do it all,” isn’t new advice. But it’s always gonna be good and relevant advice. And DGGYST lays it down in a way that’s straightforward and amusing. So, get your shit together and go read her blog.

I don’t usually link to click-bait BS from Buzzfeed, because it’s click-bait BS from Buzzfeed. But, this collection of 18 Tweets that Will Make Anyone Aged 21-29 Laugh and the Cry literally did make me laugh and then cry. #5 is basically how I live my life and why I switched to the financially stable major instead of the “maybe if I’m lucky I might be able to live my dream in my studio apartment I have to share with three other people because I’m broke AF” major.

And, since three is a nice round number (I’m a witch; Law of Threes, anyone?), I want to close this out with one of my favorite writing advice sites: Drake U is run my Maxwell Alexander Drake who writes fantasy novels (not really my thing) and the Drake’s Brutal Writing Advice series of non-fiction instructional books (absolutely my thing). I’ve attended a few of his panels at Comic Con and he really is brutal. He wants everyone who wants to be a writer to get their MFA in creative writing, which I don’t necessarily agree with. But, his instructional books are pretty solid and his advice is blunt and a little scary, which helps to weed out the weak. Plus, he’s just kind of a cool dude.

I love you all.

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Thankful Thursday: Safety and Compassion

In light of Sunday night’s horrific act of terror executed in Las Vegas, I’m obviously very thankful that myself and my loved ones are safe and (relatively) well. I have friends who lost people in that shooting and it’s a heart-wrenching situation. Nonetheless, I’m grateful that, at least this time, I am personally outside the bubble of those directly affected by such a pointless, heartbreaking tragedy.

I know that I may not always be so lucky, so I’m also grateful for the reminder to let the people I care about know that I love them.

I’m also thankful to see so many people looking at this nightmare and responding with positivity, love, and compassion. The Go Fund Me page to benefit victims and families hit its $100,000 goal in a matter of hours, was upped to $2mil, and that was surpassed only twelve hours after the page was created. I’m not entirely sure what the tally has hit at this point, but it’s amazing to see so many people selflessly contributing to aid those affected.

If you’re in the Las Vegas area, I urge you to donate blood if you can. No doubt they could use it to continue treating those still needing care and to replenish what they’ve used so far.

I love you all.

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Witchy Wednesday: Why Colorado Springs will Always be the Witchiest City (to me, at least)

I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets random associations in my head, right? Two things that are objectively unrelated, but are forever linked in my brain meat.

Can I talk about how Colorado Springs will always be the witchiest city in the world, to me?

Because, objectively speaking, Colorado Springs is not a witchy city. At all. It’s actually a remarkably conservative city. I’ve referred to Colorado Springs as “the biggest small town I’ve ever seen” because the attitudes of the people there give off that vibe.

And I will always associate it with witchcraft. Read More