Monday Musings: Majors edition

I mentioned in last week’s Monday Musing that one of these days I was going to sit down and make a list of all the majors I’ve had since I started college (more than a decade ago) and why I decided to change them (aside from the obvious explanation: I am terrified of success and/or failure). Well, witches, today is that day. Read More


Sunday Shorts: Untitled

I wanted to post a sweet, today. But, I haven’t had the opportunity to bake them, yet, because of coughing. I feel okay. I have energy. It’s just coughs tend to linger with me. I want to give whatever was in my system another day or so to clear out before I go breathing around food other people might eat, you know?

This week’s short is inspired off a blurb of a story I wrote years ago for my English 105 class. That story was supposed to be about a paragraph long–this story is over 1,000 words.

Title: Untitled
Rating: PG/PG-13 for language
Word Count: 1,053
Warnings: None. Read More

Sartorial Saturday: Black and Pink Boots

Honestly, my decision to ~do fashion~ this month just blew up in my face. I’m sick as hell (not super great, since I have about 120 cookies worth of sugar cookie dough I made sitting in my fridge I need to bake, but I don’t want to bake when I’m sick for obvious reasons), so I spent today in my PJs, working on my Halloween costume. As a result, this Sartorial Saturday is part fashion part craft project.

So let’s get to it. Read More

Friday Faves: Makeup!

It seems a little odd that I would make a post about my favorite makeup brands, because I almost never wear makeup anymore. But, when I do, these are the brands I go to, hands-down. I’m not a makeup person, but I am addicted to these items!

*Note: None of these are affiliate links. I’m not making any money for this. No companies asked me to do this. I am literally suggesting these things to you because I love them and I want you to put quality stuff on your face, if putting stuff on your faced is your thing. Read More

Thankful Thursday: Mom

Today is my mom’s birthday. Which falls on a Thankful Thursday. How convenient. She’s already made me make a post at gunpoint I’ve already posted about what a good mother she is, but in honor of her birthday, let’s make another. Read More

Witchy Wednesday: Cast a Spell!

As you might be aware, part of being a practicing witch is casting spells. So, for today’s Witchy Wednesday (and the last Witchy Wednesday of Blogtober), I’ve decided to share some of my favorite spells with you.

Yay! Magic! Read More

TMI Tuesday: A Gender? Agender!

When doing a perfunctory search of my blog, I was surprised to find that, aside from my “hard reset” post, I haven’t once mentioned my gender identity. I’m surprised by this for two reasons:

  1. Gender politics are kind of the hill I will die on.
  2. I have embraced being out more in the last six months than I ever have before in my life.

So, here it is: I’m agender. Read More

Monday Musings pt. 2: The Other (x3) News

There actually was more news, which I forgot about in my blind panic over my unemployment situation. I took a nap and now I’m thinking clearer, so I remembered. Read More

Monday Musings: Panic Mode Initiated

So, last week I mentioned that something funny was going on with my unemployment compensation. And I figure out what it was: I don’t receive it anymore! Read More

Sunday Shorts: On Alert

Here’s a quick little bit about living with anxiety and depression. It’s semi-autobiographical, but definitely fiction.

Title: On Alert
Rating: G
Genre: General
Word Count: 314

Read More

Sartorial Saturday: The Witch Jacket, part 2

Last week I mentioned that my purple jacket shrank during the dying process and was now too small for me. I would have to rebuild my witch jacket from scratch, a task I wasn’t looking forward to, at all.

But, the desire to procrastinate on my homework is strong and I managed to get it done in a day.

I also said I was going to take better pictures of it, but the last thing I want to do is take pictures while I’m bloated and cramping, so you get the cell phone pictures my mom took. They’re not bad pictures, they’re just not great. There’s also just two of them: front and back. I’ll definitely post better pictures of just the vest later if anyone wants to see. Read More

Friday Faves: Movies and TV Shows

So, for last week’s Friday Fave, I focused on reading. But, maybe you don’t have the time or mental energy to make the words go into your brain meats. I get it. Trust me, I get it. Sometimes, I just like to veg out and stare mindlessly at flashing lights in a box, watching the pretty pictures go. Or just have some kind of background noise while I’m cleaning or crafting.

So, here are a few of my favorite things to put on the ol’ idiot box (and for the record, I hate that term; the idea that TV inherently makes you stupider pisses me off–it all depends on what you watch and how you choose to interpret it). Read More