Hands Off!

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Merry Christmas!

To all of my Christmas celebrating friends, I want to wish you well for the holiday season. May your homes be happy and bright.

Also, I’m so happy I don’t have to deal with this day for a whole ‘nother year.

Blessed Solstice!

Being a witch surrounded by Christmas-celebrating folks is a chore. Christmas is stressful and unpleasant.

But, I want to take a moment away from the chaos to wish all of you a blessed winter solstice. I wish you all warmth, love, and comfort through the winter and into the new year.

I love you all.

Mental Health Update

warning sign
CONTENT WARNING: Depression, anxiety, hopelessness

Sorry, witches. This one’s kind of gloomy. Heed the content warning. Emotions behind the cut. Read More

The GOP is a racist garbage fire and female conservatives don't give a damn about it.

I don’t usually get political on this blog (anymore). Politics depress me, because it seems like every day someone else is trying to strip me of my rights; as someone with a uterus, as a non-binary person, as a queer person, as a non-Christian. It’s exhausting and I like to have a few spaces where I just… don’t have to. Where I can pretend, for a little while, that we stuffed all the Nazis and homophobes and racists and misogynists and every other bigot the specific name for escapes me into a rocket and blasted it straight into the sun (and before anyone wants to be like, “Cupcake! That’s not nice!” don’t even pretend that those people would not do the exact same to every non-white, non-straight, non-cis, non-Christian person given the opportunity). Read More

College Finality

As of 1:45pm yesterday afternoon, I am officially done with the fall semester. Go me! I mean, sure, I only took two classes, but that’s two classes I didn’t have before. Read More

Surviving Winter: Southern California Edition

It’s December and everyone is posting their tips for surviving winter. That’s cute and all, and they’re really interesting reads (really; I love me some Crock Pot dinners, so shower me in your stew and soup recipes), but I live in Southern California, so 90% of it doesn’t apply to me. Down jackets? Heated blankets? I would die of heat stroke.

Winters in Southern California are akin to the brisk beginnings of fall I experienced when I lived in Colorado Springs. Pleasantly cool and the perfect temperature for cute layered outfits without being so bundled up you waddle everywhere you go. (Do you all hate me, yet?)

Even so, California winters are still much colder than California summers.

So, here are my top four tips for surviving winter, So Cal style.

Shall we?
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Happy Thanksgiving

Isn’t it convenient that Thanksgiving is always on a Thursday, and I occasionally post in a category called Thankful Thursday? It wasn’t even planned.

Like most Americans, I’m spending the day watching TV and gorging on turkey, mashed potatoes, and gravy (and rolls and deviled eggs, which are the unsung heroes of Thanksgiving).

Like a handful of Americans (and most Americans say they’re doing), I’m also reflecting on what I have to be thankful for this year. It’s been a tough year (and I’m sure we all know why), but there’s still much to be thankful for. Read More

I will never be a fashion blogger

Alternately Titled: Sorry, eighteen-year-old me.

“Why is it that being a ‘female blogger’ means 90% of posts are fashion or makeup related?” Read More

Where do you sell your art?

In addition to blogging about my life, I’ve also been known to dabble in photography. I would love to sell some, but I’m struggling to find the best platform. I have a RedBubble site (currently I don’t have much up), but I’m not sure how wide-reaching it is (I almost never see people link to RB shops). I see Society6 used a lot, but it seems kind of expensive (I just realized as I wrote that: it’s entirely possible that, unlike RB which seems to use its own pricing, the prices on Society6 are set by the users). I’m a little lost on what platform would be the best for me.

So, I come to you, witches.

If you have a shop where you sell your art, what do you use?

I’m looking more into places like RedBubble or CafePress, which will do the printing/packaging/shipping for me, so I can keep prices lower.

Where do you prefer to sell your work? Do you use multiple sites?

And link your shops below so I and others can check you out!

I love you all.

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Learning to Friend

First of all, I want to send a big, warm, cuddly, witchy thanks to Sadie Wolf for being the first person to buy me a coffee! I really appreciate it! And a Happy Halloween to you, too! (I know Halloween was three days ago, but I’m a witch and every day is Halloween.)

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TMI Tuesday: Halloween > Christmas (the TMI part is WHY)

It’s Halloween, witches!

I love Halloween. I’ve always loved Halloween. As a little kid, I couldn’t think of anything more fun than dressing up, have everyone in the neighborhood tell me how cute I am, and getting pounds and pounds of free candy. I mean, come on. That’s the dream. Read More