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Music Monday – It’s a girl thing

In these hyper-political times, it seems like every move we make is a political choice. Even down to the food you eat–and I’m not just talking about you monsters who eat pineapple on pizza (I kid, I kid, you’re not monsters; I love you and your bad choices).

Music is no exception. Now, obviously, I’m not one of those people who run around saying, “I only listen to all-women radical feminist bands who sing about castrating men and creating a lesbian utopia,” although a lesbian utopia sounds kind of awesome. I mean, last week’s Music Monday was completely dedicated to the all-male band Imagine Dragons and I love them.

But, I have at times noticed that a lot of the bands I listen to are all-male bands or male-fronted and, while their music is catchy, it isn’t always easy for me to relate to. Of course, as an AFAB person, it’s easier for me to relate to bands at least fronted by women and AFAB people.

So, here are some of my favorite bands/artists featuring women and AFAB folks in the lead: Continue reading “Music Monday – It’s a girl thing”

Blogtober 2017, Monday Musings

Monday Musings: Majors edition

I mentioned in last week’s Monday Musing that one of these days I was going to sit down and make a list of all the majors I’ve had since I started college (more than a decade ago) and why I decided to change them (aside from the obvious explanation: I am terrified of success and/or failure). Well, witches, today is that day. Continue reading “Monday Musings: Majors edition”

Blogtober 2017, Monday Musings

Monday Musings: How Does Friend?

On Thursday, I decided I needed to take some drastic measures in regards to an area of my life I have always struggled with. After class, I asked if my communications teacher had a few spare moments after class to talk. I followed him to his office and there I asked for assistance in this great trouble of my life: Continue reading “Monday Musings: How Does Friend?”

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Monday Musings: I'm so Damn Tired.

I’m in a great deal of physical pain, at the moment, thanks to a pinched nerve in my shoulder and a tight muscle in my back that makes my entire right arm feel like it’s in a vice grip. I should start doing yoga.

I’m also in an extreme amount of emotional distress waking up and heard about Las Vegas. A friend of mine lost a friend. Other friends are still waiting to hear back about loved ones. My brother and his wife lived in Vegas for many years and her mother still lives there. I’ve never started crying so quickly after waking up. Continue reading “Monday Musings: I'm so Damn Tired.”