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Friday Free-For-All: Crate Shelf Craft Project

So, my ex and dear, dear friend, Pup, got me hooked on using wooden crates as shelving. When he first suggested it, I was pretty hesitant–how… rustic. I have much more of a sleek-gothic-meets-angry-punk style. But, I agreed because we didn’t really have many other options at the time. Those crates are super cheap at craft stores like Michael’s and Joann’s and prefabricated box shelving is not cheap.

(I tend to avoid free-floating shelves because they’re bad Feng Shui–yea, I’m one of those people.)

It didn’t take me long to get hooked. Now, with a few exceptions, I use crates for all my shelving. Like I said, Michael’s sells these unfinished crates for cheap (the “half crate” one I used for this project was only about $7 and they almost always have coupons to get the price down even more). They come in a few different sizes and styles to fit your needs (these small ones are my faves because they’re great for holding DVD/BluRay boxes and I have a ton of movies). Because they’re unfinished, it’s incredibly easy to customize them to fit your décor. I’m currently in the process of refinishing mine to match my black-and-white-striped bedroom theme.

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What to Do When Your Sacred Space… Isn’t, Anymore.

I’ve written in the past about my favorite spot in Southern California (quite possibly my favorite place in the world that I’ve been to so far)—the area I consider to be my sacred space, the place I go when I need to unwind and reconnect to my soul and Providence. The Meditation Garden at the Self-Realization Fellowship in Encinitas, CA is a calm, quiet place, perfect for meditating (obviously), relaxation, and quiet reflection…

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