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Sartorial Saturday: Black and Pink Boots

Honestly, my decision to ~do fashion~ this month just blew up in my face. I’m sick as hell (not super great, since I have about 120 cookies worth of sugar cookie dough I made sitting in my fridge I need to bake, but I don’t want to bake when I’m sick for obvious reasons), so I spent today in my PJs, working on my Halloween costume. As a result, this Sartorial Saturday is part fashion part craft project.

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Crafts: Double Raw Edge Back Patch from a T-Shirt

So, I have this shirt from Bad Girls, Good Vibes (beware: semi-NSFW) that has my favorite design in the world on it. I’m not even kidding, I want to buy about a hundred of these shirts so I’ll always have spares when it gets worn out.

I actually have two of them, because the first one I bought… it was nice and comfortable, but a little baggy for my taste, so I bought it a size smaller. Truth be told, the smaller size is a little baggy, too, so I may end up getting a third, because why not?

So, since I have one that I won’t wear anymore, I was kind of at a loss of what to do with it. I didn’t want to give it to charity because it’s kind of NSFW and I wasn’t sure they’d actually accept it. I really didn’t want it to get thrown out or turned into rags, but I also don’t know anyone it wouldn’t have been huge on.

Then I realized that I’ve been waiting forever for her to restock the back patches with the same design (something I don’t think is going to happen, since they aren’t even listed on her site, anymore). Rather than buy a new patch when/if they’re restocked, I could just turn my old shirt into one! Yes! DIY to the rescue!

09I also figured, why not show everyone my awesome DIY skills? So, here’s a little tutorial for those of you who might be interested. Maybe your favorite shirt from high school doesn’t fit anymore, but you still wish you could rock that cool design. Here you go!


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