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Watch-This Wednesday: Movies

I’ve done TV, YouTube, cartoons. But what about some full-length feature film stuff? What do I recommend to pop in the Blu-Ray player on Friday night and watch with a big bowl of popcorn and a warm blanket?

Here are my favorite movies I watch over and over (and you should, too). Continue reading “Watch-This Wednesday: Movies”

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Tasty Tuesday: The Easiest Chocolate Pie You’ll Ever Make in Your Life

I was originally going to post the recipe for my beef stew, but then I remembered that my beef stew is pretty boring* because I only like meat and potatoes and carrots in beef stock. And it never thickens right. I can never get it the right consistency.

And then on Saturday night Allen and writer-friend Chase Connor had an exchange about chocolate pie which awakened my inner Homer Simpson.

Via Giphy

So, I decided I was going to make pie. Not Snickers pie, sadly. Maybe next time. Continue reading “Tasty Tuesday: The Easiest Chocolate Pie You’ll Ever Make in Your Life”

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Music Monday – Let’s Relax

I’m still reeling from the diagnosis I received on Thursday. I’m feeling less overwhelmed by it, but even “less overwhelmed” is still pretty damn overwhelmed.

So, This week, I’m going to share some nice, relaxing music with you all. No lyrics to sing along to, this time.

Enjoy. Continue reading “Music Monday – Let’s Relax”

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Sunday Spirit: Praying as a Witch

I’ve said for years that I don’t see much difference between spell work and prayer, especially when compared to Catholic prayer rituals. Candles are lit, incense is burned, words are said. Ultimately, both have the same goal: To put a request out to Providence in hopes it is fulfilled.

That being said, the first time I actually prayed–not worked a spell, but just prayed–it felt very strange. Continue reading “Sunday Spirit: Praying as a Witch”

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Friday Free-For-All: How To Survive Social Media (by someone who fkn hates social media)

To preface this: This is not “how to use social media.” This isn’t some SEO BS post about how you can get a billion followers with “this one simple trick!”

This post is about navigating the sea of garbage that exists on websites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It’s about how to have a presence on those sites and still be able to go to sleep at night not feeling like maybe global nuclear destruction isn’t such a bad option, after all.

It is not easy. That’s why I post once in a blue moon; because social media makes me sick.

For my own convenience, I’m going to break this down by website and start with the worst of the worst. Continue reading “Friday Free-For-All: How To Survive Social Media (by someone who fkn hates social media)”

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Thankful Thursday – My Parents’ Support

Admittedly, I’m not very close with my family. I’m not in contact with my extended family and my relationship with my older brother is still strained from our mutual hatred of each other growing up (not to mention that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to really forgive him for the physical abuse I suffered at his hands for most of my childhood and adolescence).

But, I am pretty close with my parents. I know that the fact I can even say that is something to be thankful for. There are many people who aren’t close to their parents, or even who have to actively avoid their parents for one reason or another. Not everyone can say their parents are kind, or supportive, or even love them.

My parents love me and that’s a blessing. Continue reading “Thankful Thursday – My Parents’ Support”