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Q & Adie


First of all, thank you all so much for your questions! I didn’t think I would get nearly so many questions and I’m really floored that you guys are so interested in my boring life lol! Thank you so much!

After I cut out the parts where I got distracted and stared blankly into space, the video ended up still being forty minutes long. So, I broke it into two videos you can watch at your leisure. Keep in mind, I filmed this on my laptop camera and edited it on the free Microsoft video editing software, so it’s not exactly super high quality… or the most flattering angle.

Fun Fact: I hate my voice, so the fact that I’m sharing this with you all is proof of my undying love for you.

Enjoy!Part one features questions from Mona, Geeky Cooker, my mother, Maggie, Allen, and Pip.


For those curious about what I identify as re: Allen’s news question, I identify as bisexual and agender. I use she/her pronouns mostly because I haven’t found a gender neutral pronoun I like for myself.

Part two features questions from Kat, Astrea, and Rachel.


If anyone is curious, the happiness article I mentioned is indeed from and is called “What is Happiness, Anyway?”

I want to thank you guys again for being so incredible! I really didn’t think I’d get much interest in this, and you guys showed me how very wrong I was. I really do appreciate all of your interest in me and my life. I had a lot of fun doing this (heinous technical difficulties aside) and maybe I’ll do another one once I have my proper webcam set up and maybe get a decent video editor.

I love you all!

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7 thoughts on “Q & Adie”

  1. One, you have a wonderful speaking voice. Two, your hair is EVERYTHING. Three, the next vlog should be over your skin-care routine because I think we’re all wondering how your skin looks like freakin’ porcelain! LOL

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    1. Thanks, Allen! I’m glad you liked it! Also, my skin is solely due to good genetics and maybe the fact that I almost never wear makeup, anymore. I only wash my face about once a week and I don’t have anything that even comes close to a skin-care routine. *shrugs*


  2. These were great – and agreed that your speaking voice is lovely! I totally get it, though. I think a lot of people feel the same way. The sound of my own voice makes me cringe, and I was a singer in a band for 10 years!

    Hope you’re able to get the apartment of your dreams soon!

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  3. Adie, I’m so glad you did this! Yay, it was a huge success! I learned a lot more about you yesterday and today (I watched you a couple of times), so thank you for giving us (your loyal following) the opportunity to ask questions and being so open and frank with your responses! Never underestimate how important you are or how fascinating you are, because you have so much to offer and what you offer is well done! It sounds like you you’re on a good path in your journey and I’m excited for you. I’m sure you’ve already done this, but give it some time (say a few weeks) and then go back and listen to your answers with fresh ears. You might surprise yourself (or not) when you start seeing patterns in your answers. (I hope that didn’t sound too weird–sorry if it did.) I’m so glad Allen turned me on to you and your site! Can’t wait to read or view your next post! Mona

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    1. Thank you so much for this lovely comment, Mona! I’m really glad you enjoyed it so much!

      I will take your advice and rewatch it in a couple days. I felt like I was really rambling and just answering the questions as they came, without any kind of cohesion beyond putting similar questions in order.

      Thanks again! ❤

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