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There’s a lot of external screaming going on

Recording a video is proving to be a lot more difficult than anticipated. I was hoping to get my video Q&A out yesterday, but obviously that didn’t happen. Apparently, my very fancy, very expensive camera don’t record video for more than ten minutes at a time? Which seems incorrect, but who am I to argue with my lack of content.

I have a webcam, but it’s currently set up to record my craft table for when I had the brilliant idea that I would film video crafting tutorials. I never intended to use it to record my face and I’m far too lazy to dick around with taking that setup down and hooking it up to my computer.

So, I’ll have to record it on my laptop’s built-in webcam. Then upload it somewhere. And I have no idea how long that’s going to take.

But I will have this video out this month if it fricking kills me!

Sorry for the frustrating lack of content this week. Fingers crossed that I get this mess sorted soon!

I love you all..


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