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I had writing a post about gift-giving and the economy for today, but MS Word ate it and it disappeared. I cannot express strongly enough how incredibly disappointed I am. I was really proud of the post I wrote. I did research.

Honestly, since getting that notification from WordPress, I’ve been questioning why I even blog at all anymore. I’ve made incredible friends here, but I like to believe you would all still love me even if I didn’t blog. Losing a post that I was so proud of really adds fuel to that “why bother?” fire.

Thankfully, Allen talked be down from that ledge, at least for now. I’m grateful for my incredible blogging family keeping me sane. Or at least reminding me I’m not the only crazy one. It varies from day to day.

Anyway, I didn’t have the spoons to rewrite the post, so that left me floundering for something to post today. Luckily, Mona swooped in to the rescue with a blogger tag! Yay Mona! She’s wonderful and everyone should go give her a follow at Wayward Sparkles if you’re not already.

The game goes as follows:

Mona gave me and two other bloggers three questions to answer. I’m supposed to answer those questions, then come up with three questions of my own to ask other bloggers, who I will tag. Seems simple enough.

Onto the questions!

If you could go back to a moment in time to re-experience it just as it was, fix something or change something, when and what would that be? It can be a time during your life or a time before you were born. It can be something personal or something like preventing Lincoln’s assassination.

Lately, I find myself wondering a lot about what my life would be like if certain events had played out differently: if my parents hadn’t gotten divorced, or if I’d lived with my father instead of my mother, if my mother and I had stayed living in Colorado instead of moving back to California, if I’d taken college serious from the beginning, things like that. I’m curious about those things, I’d like to see their outcomes, but I don’t think I’d want to actually go back and change them in history so that my current would be different. If I did, I probably wouldn’t have met some of the people I have in my life–my “little sister,” Pup, Matt, probably a lot of my blogging family since my blog focuses a lot on the way my past has affected my mental health. I don’t want to lose any of those people.

The easy answer is to say, “Oh, I would go back and kill/stop Hitler/Mussolini/Bin Laden/[insert horrible dictator/terrorist here],” as though that will magically stop all the hate in the world from happening. And, yea, killing Hitler would stop the suffering and prevent the deaths of millions, and that’s a great thing. It’s not going to end hate and violence, though. Hate and violence has existed since the beginning of time. Even back to the Biblical times of Cain and Abel. Sometimes people are horrible and sometimes horrible people come into power and make the rest of us suffer. Stopping one evil person will cause a small ripple of good and I do think that’s a good thing. I fully encourage anyone with a time machine to go kill Hitler if they want to. I just don’t think it’s the most effective means. I think more drastic change would come from spreading love instead of killing one hateful person.

So I’d probably go back in time and fuck some folks. You know. Spread the love.

In a fire, what possession would you grab on your way out and why?

Assuming my mother and my cats have made it to safety, as they’re not “possessions?” This would be difficult, because there are a lot of things that have deep sentimental value to me. On Monday and Tuesday this week, I spent the first glorious days of my all too short winter break scrubbing mold off a hat that I treasure and couldn’t bear to part with. I have a box of keepsakes on a shelf I pull out and look at more often than I care to admit. My scrapbook. Photo albums. It’s difficult to choose.

I think probably the box of keepsakes, just because there’s a lot of irreplaceable stuff in there. The programs from both my grandmothers’ funerals, old movie tickets stubs, I think even a few photos. Most of my photos are backed up on OneDrive now, so I’m not as worried about my computer or photo albums. The hat would suck to lose, but I still have pictures from that trip. A lot of the things in the keepsake box are just… memories from moments that seemed really small at the time, so there aren’t pictures or anything.

Yea. Definitely the box.

Who is your favorite writer/author and why? What would you recommend others read from this author

I know this is supposed to be one favorite author, but I’m definitely using it to plug two dear friends:

Allen T St. Clair, blogger of Das Midnight Goose, urban paranormal mystery writer, and my dear friend, has a book series called MKPI Odd Case Files that you should definitely buy and read. Start with The Cow and the Coven, then continue from there.

Chase Connor is the author of incredible LGBTQ YA fiction. His book Jacob Michaels is Tired got me back into the love of reading after a long slump. He recently released his newest book, a much darker novel dealing with abuse and mental illness, called The Gravity of Nothing that I’m working my way through (it’s hitting me right in the feels and in my current mental state I try to manage some of the heavier media I consume–but goddamn it’s fucking amazing already).

Many of you probably know I’m also a big fan of The Bloggess and think all her books are good.

I also rank Christopher Moore as my favorite author, balancing the paranormal with comedy in a way that makes my heart sing. The first book of his I read was A Dirty Job: A Novel. My favorite of his is definitely Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal which had me rolling.

And now for The Rules as lifted from Mona’s post:

The Rules

♦ Answer the questions you receive (straight, funny, absurd…up to you)
♦ Create three questions of your own (for those you tag)
♦ Tag three people

I’m tagging Kat at Angel Who Swears, Katie at Fatty McCupcakes, and Rachel at This is Rachel Hill.

The three questions I’m asking are:

  1. What has been the happiest moment of your life so far?
  2. If you hadn’t decided on the career choice you’ve found yourself in, what would you have done instead?
  3. What do you do to keep yourself motivated?

I love you all.

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11 thoughts on “Tagged by Mona”

  1. Thanks for the tag! I may not post my responses until after the holidays because I’ve already got some posts queued up, but I’ll definitely do this one and let you know when I do!

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  2. I’m always here for you, frand! And you touched my heart for plugging my work like that. *BIG HUG* I wrote up my answers to Mona’s questions as part of my Christmas Eve post–and our answers on the first two questions are strikingly similar! LOL I hope you and mom and Pup have the happiest of holidays, my dear friend! And…I’m so glad you’re in the blogosphere with me. You truly make my blogging experience so much better, Adie. Even when WordPress and MS Word fuck up your day, know that you being here is making others’ lives better!

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    1. Thank you so much, Allen. You’re such a great friend. I appreciate you always lending an ear when I’m acting like the whole world is burning down. I hope you and the missus and the kids (both human and canine) have a great holiday as well.


  3. Adie, I just realized I never responded to this post. Well, I’m rectifying that now! I swear my brain is just starting to awake up from about two months ago. Also, it could be that I tried to respond to this post using my phone and something went awry like it usually does! However, I loved your answers — especially like going back in time and — spreading the love! LOL! If I could go back in time, I’d like to spread my love to a 1972 era David Gilmour — provided that I could be a 20-something version of myself. Okay, I would want to be 19! At 19, I was at my physical best! God I miss my 19-yr old body! Sigh. Anyway, great choice in books, too! Great answers! Thanks for playing! Mona

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