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A Triumphant Return!

Happy December! Thus ends National Novel Writing Month and my hiatus! After the emotional exhaustion of the story I wrote for this year’s project, I am really looking forward to getting back to blogging!

This year’s NaNoWriMo was a nightmare. I changed my story only a few days before starting and decided to write what I’m referring to as an “autobiographical work of fiction.” It was deeply personal and required a lot more introspection, honesty, and personal accountability than I’m really comfortable with. I love living in denial.

But here’s the thing: As hard as it was, this story just poured out of me at times. So much that I realized I’m trying to fit way, way too much into one story and will a) be outlining it for my second draft, and b) will probably make it two (or more?) books.

So, what was my final word count? 50,755. This is the first year that I’ve reached the 50K word count (it’s the first year I’ve even come close), and as draining as it was I’m proud of myself.


In other news, if you haven’t noticed, I made a new header for the blog! Yay! I can finally stop using the generic stock header from WordPress.

Okay, so, when I left you all on November 1st, I mentioned some secondary accounts I intended to use going forward. Here’s what’s going on with that whole mess.

My original intention was to keep the @adiewithlove account strictly blog-related. Twitter gets away from me easily and I found myself posting things on that account that didn’t really fit with the “brand” I’m trying to maintain here.

I made the now-defunct second account (I’ll get to the defunct-ness in a second) as a place to be a bit less censored. Because my fiction writing is a bit more… let’s say “mature” than my blog writing, I figured I could be a bit more abrasive and raunchy on that account and it would fit in with my writing there.

It seemed easy enough; that would be my “author” account, and @adiewithlove would be my “blogger” account.

Then I started writing my book and things got a bit more complicated. I realized about two weeks in, because the story is based off my personal experiences and features characters heavily based on people I know, I wasn’t entirely comfortable publishing it under my own name (when the time comes). While I don’t mean to offend anyone with my portrayals of them, I have to admit that some of the characters aren’t flattering representations. It also delves into some darker aspects of my childhood and family relationships a bit. I don’t want anyone who reads the book to judge my family based on things that happened more than a decade ago. Same about anyone else featured in the book.

So, I elected to start using a pen name. I’ve never wanted to use a pen name before, because sixteen-year-old me thought I would be a famous author and make millions of dollars writing books and I wouldn’t have to worry about offending people because I would be independently wealthy or something. I’m not sixteen (or delusional) anymore, and I realize that I’m studying for a very professional career and some of the things I write might come back to bite me in the ass.

I changed the handle for that second account to reflect my new pen name and will not be posting my work on the second blog account I made (though I will leave it up for now). If you were originally following that Twitter account, you know what my new pen name is. I’m not going to swear anyone to secrecy. I trust you all not to out me or be jerks, because I know you’re all wonderful humans, which is why I love you so much.

So, what does that mean for @adiewithlove? No huge changes. I am going to try to keep it more blog-focused rather than “here are all my personal opinions–bleargh!” I’d say it’s going to be about 85% blog-related content (including promoting other bloggers and things associated with what I post here on FAWL), 10% just random conversation, 5% my own personal opinions.

Also, since I won’t be posting my photography on that second site, I’ll start posting it here. So, really, what this means is you’ll be getting an evenย wider variety of content on From Adie, with Love! Yay!

I want to give a huge shout out to Allen and Chase for helping me weigh the pros and cons of a pen name and for all the encouragement! Thank you for folding me into your amazing community and for the unending support. You’re both wonderful!

New posts officially start on Friday, December 7th! I’m really excited to start posting again, you have no idea!

I love you all.

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