Blogtober 2018, Friday Free-For-All

Friday Free-For-All: Follow Friday

Back when I first started prepping for Blogtober, when Saturdays were supposed to be for fashion posts, I initially intended for the last Friday Free-For-All to be a kind of diary post of what I’d been up to this month. Then I nixed the fashion posts in favor of diary posts and had to come up with something else to do for this last Friday!

I didn’t have time to do another craft post or anything like that. I thought about posting some photography, but I’m actually planning to post my photography on a different site (details to come when I’m back from my NaNoWriMo hiatus).

What to do, what to do?

How about spreading a little love, huh? I have had so much support over the last couple months and I’m so grateful.

Last time I did a blog recs post was back in January. You can check that out here (and be sure to follow all those wonderful folks (the one’s who haven’t deleted or stopped posting, anyway–I’m so sad, some of my favorite people have gone inactive). People with real lives to take care of aside, there are still incredible active bloggers on that list and you should go give them some love!

But, my list of blogger friends has grown this year and I think it’s time to do another recommendation (especially since even last time that was hardly every one I could recommend to you). So, this Friday Free-For-All is a Follow Friday! Whoo!

  • The Midnight Goose. You’ve heard me mention Allen a time or fifty, right? I mention him frequently enough that he has his own tag. He’s even the first (and thus far only) person to ever write a guest post for me. Allen is fantastic. He’s funny and supportive and has been instrumental in introducing me to so many of my blogging family. And to think, I almost didn’t follow him!

OKAY STORY TIME, because I know Allen just read that was like, “Bish are you serious right now? You almost didn’t follow me? You shady ho.”

So, here’s the story there: When Allen first started commenting on my blog, I still didn’t quite know what I was doing. I was baaaaaaad at replying to comments (I’m still not great; I can’t hold a conversation to save my life). I was also overwhelmed because I had followed a billion people and my reader was so crowded! I had just culled my subscriptions list and was being very, very, very selective about who I followed to avoid getting overwhelmed again. At the time, I was mostly interested in following other women/AFAB people (because I am an AFAB people and I wanted to follow blogs I could really relate to) and I could tell from Allen’s site he wasn’t a woman so I was hesitant to follow back.

And because I was soooooooo awful at replying to comments and didn’t follow him back at first, I fully expected him to eventually be like, “Okay, this chick is rude as hell,” and unfollow me, or at least stop commenting. But he never did. He commented on at least half and probably closer to damn near all of my posts. I think Allen has more comments on my website than I actually do.

So, when I finally started to figure out networking and managing my subscriptions and stuff, I expanded my blogging horizons beyond just woman/AFAB bloggers (and I will admit, that is mostly because 90% of the women/AFAB bloggers I found were “mommy bloggers” or fashion bloggers and I am neither a mommy or fashion-forward, and I realized that just because we share chromosomes doesn’t mean we have stuff in common go figure). I remembered this guy who always commented on my stuff and followed me on Twitter and Instagram (when he still had Instagram) and was like, “You know what? This dude has been super engaged and interactive and that’s exactly the kind of reader I want and I should get better at interacting so that I can keep him as a reader,” so I finally followed him back. I was still #TheWorst at interaction for a while, but the second I did–holy crap.

Once I opened that door of following him and replying to things, Allen came bursting in, declared, “WE’RE FRIENDS NOW, BITCH!” and it’s been an epically awesome party ever since.

So, the moral of this story is two fold: 1) If you show up in someone’s comments enough, they will definitely notice you, and 2) DON’T LIMIT YOURSELF TO FOLLOWING ONE TYPE OF BLOG, BECAUSE I MISSED OUT ON LIKE SIX MONTHS OF THIS FOOL’S ANTICS AND THAT IS FKN UNFORTUNATE.

Anyway, yea. Don’t make the same mistake I did of putting off following him. Just go follow Allen right now, because you won’t regret it. Go on. Go do it now and come back. I’ll wait.

  • Angel Who Swears. I met Kat through Allen when he sent a few of us a group message on Twitter. I can’t believe I had never seen her blog before, because it’s pretty damn funny. She has a kind of dark, kind of twisted sense of humor which she applies to things happening in her real life. And Kat as a person is just an awesome sweetheart. Kat is the kind of person that proves just because you get married and have kids doesn’t mean you have to be a boring adult-type. She’s great, I love her.
  • Wayward Sparkles. I also met Mona through Allen on that same group message. She also has a kind of dark and twisted sense of humor which she applies to her real life. Most of her blog posts are funny, sometimes in a bit of a self-deprecating kind of way, and that is 110% my jam, because no one can take a dig at me like I can. I appreciate other people who can poke fun at themselves. But, she does also touch on more serious stuff, as well. She’s incredibly sweet and supportive, and just one of the best people I’ve ever had the fortune of meeting.
  • The Witch and Walnut/The Slavic Witch. I found The Witch and Walnut through Hestia’s Servant and I’ve been hooked ever since. In case you couldn’t tell by her blog title, she’s a witch of Slavic heritage. She has a very specific practice and it’s so interesting to read about her spells and rituals. Her blog is currently on hiatus as she’s in a period of mourning, but I have no doubt she will return strong. I highly suggest giving her a follow if you’re interested in witchcraft.
  • Traci York. The wonderful Katie of Fatty McCupcakes recommended Traci’s blog to me and I really appreciate it. Traci is so nice and friendly, and very supportive of her fellow bloggers. She posts all kinds of wonderful things on her blog, from a weekly tarot reading, to beautiful photographs of the landscapes around her home, and recently posted a wonderful short story that I just adored! She’s active on Steemit as well, if you’re over there and want to check her out.
  • Geeky Cooker. I met GC through Traci and–oh. My loves. Do you like food? Then you will love GC. According to her about me section she posts about once a month (but I’ve noticed sometimes twice). But when she does post, these recipes look delicious. I don’t even like apples, but she recently had me salivating over apple butter. Definitely give her a follow if you enjoy good home cooking.

Like last time, that’s not even all of the incredible people I think you should follow. But, we’d be here forever if I tried to list everyone and I really should eat something.

Definitely go check them out! Give them follows! Click the link up top to go to my last Follow Friday post and go follow those people, too! Everyone is amazing and I love them!

And I love you all, too.

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17 thoughts on “Friday Free-For-All: Follow Friday”

  1. You. Dusty. Bitch. Almost didn’t follow me???? 😉 I’m glad you did, blog buddy. You’re part of my tribe. And there’s no escaping now. Bwahahahaha!

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    1. Allen, you literally kill me on a daily basis. You are one hilarious MF. Also, I’m now using “you dusty bitch” in every scenario possible. I’m glad you started following me too, because as Adie put out there- think of all we could have missed!

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  2. Hey y’all! Can I join in this conversationpAdie, that was hysterical what you said about Allen! Yep, I snorted when I read that! Also, thanks so much for the shout out as well as the heads up to other bloggers! Gotta check everyone out! Damn, and one of these days, find the time to get another post out! Sigh! I’ve really enjoyed your daily posts this month, Adie! And Allen, I hope you do more podcasts! Mona 😊

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    1. Lol Allen would not be ignored and I’m very grateful for that! I’m really glad you’ve liked my posts this month! Last year I really struggled to get some out on time, but this year I’ve actually done really well. I’m proud of me! It’s a lot of work to post daily, so I’m glad people are reading and enjoying it!

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