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Tasty Tuesday: The Easiest Chocolate Pie You’ll Ever Make in Your Life

I was originally going to post the recipe for my beef stew, but then I remembered that my beef stew is pretty boring* because I only like meat and potatoes and carrots in beef stock. And it never thickens right. I can never get it the right consistency.

And then on Saturday night Allen and writer-friend Chase Connor had an exchange about chocolate pie which awakened my inner Homer Simpson.

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So, I decided I was going to make pie. Not Snickers pie, sadly. Maybe next time.

Now, look. I’m a baker and I know that a homemade pie in a flaky crust is just the best thing in the history of history. But I also know that most people don’t want to bake a pie. It’s time consuming, messy, and difficult if you’ve never done it before. Most people just want to eat some damn pie.

And this is as close to not making a pie from scratch as you can get without just going and buying a pie.

Here’s what you need:

  • A premade pie crust (Oreo or graham cracker is preferred)
  • A large box of cold-prep chocolate pudding


That’s it. That’s all you need. This pie is literally so simple, I kind of feel like putting it in my “recipe” category is false advertising.

Open your premade pie crust and set it aside.

Prepare the pudding according to the instruction on the box.


Pour the prepared pudding into the pie crust.


Cover and refrigerate until set (about one hour).

Boom. You can now eat a pie, no baking required. You’re welcome.

*Actually, my beef stew is pretty good. It’s just been hot in San Diego lately and I just didn’t feel like making it so I needed to fill this spot with something quick and easy. Plus, Chase really made me want pie. I’ll post my stew recipe sometime in December when (hopefully) it’s a little more weather-appropriate.

I love you all.

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6 thoughts on “Tasty Tuesday: The Easiest Chocolate Pie You’ll Ever Make in Your Life”

    1. Go make one! This is the best midnight craving pie, OMG. It takes no effort and it tastes soooooo good. They also sell mini graham cracker crusts so I’ll make little individual ones, wrap them in plastic wrap and take them in my lunch. Sooooooo goooooooood!

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  1. Funny story. I texted Chase after we Twatted about chocolate pie and told him I needed chocolate pie and he told me to go fuck myself. So…I expect one will be delivered soon. However, he told me he ate two slices and felt like he might vomit–so I felt like God got him for being so rude.


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