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Music Monday – Let’s Relax

I’m still reeling from the diagnosis I received on Thursday. I’m feeling less overwhelmed by it, but even “less overwhelmed” is still pretty damn overwhelmed.

So, This week, I’m going to share some nice, relaxing music with you all. No lyrics to sing along to, this time.


The Star Wars soundtracks

Obviously, I am a big freaking nerd, so of course the first music I’m throwing up here is from Star Wars [The Force Awakens (2015)]. Not all of the songs on the various Star Wars soundtracks are relaxing or soothing, but slower, more morose pieces (like “The Starkiller” featured above) really calm me down. Honestly, even just listening to it while I wrote about it just now, in those two minutes, eased some of my edge.

Besides, John Williams is a baller composer. I’d probably listen to him bang on garbage cans for twenty minutes. Brilliant!

Various Classical Pieces

When I worked at my old office job, I would sometimes put my headphones in while doing data entry or other computer work and listen to a six-hour compilation of Beethoven’s work. I couldn’t find that video after I left (I just had it bookmarked on my work computer), so now this three hour assortment is my go-to.

Fun Fact: People get really weird when you have a pink mohawk and listen to classical music on a regular basis. Like, really? Bitch, just let me live.

Nature Sounds

Tell me, friends, have you ever listened to ten straight hours of thunderstorms? Because if you can do so and not be lulled to sleep like it’s a mother’s lullaby, you are a far stronger individual than I.

Hopefully some of you find these as relaxing as I do. I know “nature sounds” isn’t exactly music, but it’s audio and I make the rules here, so… *shrugs*

I love you all.

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4 thoughts on “Music Monday – Let’s Relax”

    1. Seriously. I don’t think I would have survived at my office job towards the end there if I couldn’t at least sometimes put in my headphones and listen to some Mozart. It got really stressful around the time I realized that my days there were numbered.

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  1. Adie, It’s amazing to have the rain, the waves and the crackling fire all going at the same time! If it isn’t calming (it is), it might make you have to go and pee! And off I go! Hahaha!

    Seriously, you got hit pretty hard with your PTSD diagnosis. You might look up EMDR therapy; it’s supposed to be effective for some who suffer with PTSD. My son uses it on occasion. Psychodrama is another therapy that might also be helpful; though, it can be very intense. As with everything, some people benefit more so than others, and it’s all about what works for you. Whatever you do, make sure your therapist is a good fit for you — and is someone who actually knows their shit! Getting the diagnosis is only one part of this complex puzzle. I hope you keep us informed as you work through this! Know you are in my thoughts and prayers! Mona

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    1. Thanks, Mona.💜 My counselor at school actually recommended EMDR for me so we will probably work on this this week. She’s also going to help me find a long-term therapist that will take my insurance (I have Medi-Cal through the state, so it’s pretty basic).


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