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Watch-This Wednesday: Live-Action TV

I will admit, I don’t watch a lot of “live-action” (ie: not animated) TV, anymore. Typically, if I’m watching TV, it’s just so I have background noise while I clean or something. But, there are a few shows that catch my full attention when they come on and I’ll even go out of my way to watch (or at least DVR).

Here’s what I’m watching (and you should be, too)!

Riverdale (The CW): When Riverdale first premiered, I wasn’t interested. When I found out they were making Jughead (canonically asexual in the comics) straight, I ceased to give a damn. My interest was piqued when a lesbian relationship was mentioned, but even that wasn’t enough to get me to take the time to watch it. Finally, my friend Matt said he thought I’d like it, so a month later while holed up in bed in the throes of a chronic depression, I caved. Seasons 1 and 2 are on Netflix and I binged them over the course of three days.

The show wanders a bit from the source material in that it’s a bit darker. But, it works. The storylines are intense, but still semi-believable. I mean, obviously, it’s a drama about high school students, so you have to suspend your disbelief somewhat. But, it’s not so unbelievable that you’ll find yourself rolling your eyes a lot. I thought frequently while watching seasons 1 and 2, “This is what ‘Pretty Little Liars’ should have been.” It has the same dark drama feel as PLL, but without the, “Are you fkn kidding me with this shit?” over-the-top drama.

Season three premiered last Wednesday and it started pretty solid. By the end it had some “WTF” moments, but even those can be logically explained.

I highly recommend checking it out if you’re into drama. Even though it’s about teenagers, the writing is mature enough to appeal to adults.

Halloween Wars (Food Network): Obviously, this is a once-a-year, short-run program. No spring season. But, it’s fkn incredible! The displays these people come up with are just mind-blowing. You won’t believe they’re made out of food!

Also, I’m obviously just a sucker for anything Halloween.


Halloween/Spring/Holiday Baking Championship (Food Network): The “Baking Championship” shows on Food Network happen a few times a year; in the spring (around Easter), Halloween, and holidays (they call it “Holiday Baking Championship but it is pretty damn Christmas themed). Spring and Holiday are usually judged by Duff Goldman (my hero), Lorraine Pascale, and Nancy Fuller, while Halloween is judged by Lorraine Pascale, Carla Hall, and Zac Young.

The things these bakers–usually a mix of professional and home bakers–blow me away and make my mouth water. I’m not typically into competition shows, unless they feature food prominently. Food makes everything better.

Also, the baking championships don’t feel as cutthroat to me as other competition shows. Like, the people on these shows are actually nice to each other (of course, there is some playful banter). Maybe it’s because these shows last longer than most others–a few weeks compared to shows like Chopped which take place in a single day. But, I prefer to think that it’s just impossible to be mean when you’re making sugary happy goodness all day!

Property Brothers (HGTV): Yea, I’m that basic white bitch that watches HGTV for fun. I’ll totally own that. I sit there watching these shows and pinning stuff to my “Dream Home” board on Pinterest (not really).

But, I mean, look. Have you actually seen the Property Brothers??? Let me explain:

LOOK AT THEM. YOU ARE WELCOME. Why do you really think I watch this show? Because I enjoy watching people with ridiculous jobs buying houses I could never afford in a million years? No! Because I like watching these two pictures of scruffy perfection on my TV for an hour!

Come on, kids. Get with it.

Impractical Jokers (Tru TV): This wouldn’t be one of my lists if I didn’t include a problematic fave. And Impractical Jokers is definitely my problematic fave, here.

I actually hated this show at first. I hate practical joke shows. I don’t think they’re funny. The idea of watching innocent people being harassed to someone else’s entertainment just doesn’t appeal to me. It never has. It never will.

Then my mother said she watched one of their bits, The Name Game, and lost her absolute mind. When the episode reran, she had me watch it with her and I almost pissed myself laughing. I thought maybe I didn’t quite give this show a solid chance.

I watched a couple episodes and got hooked. They obviously have their moments where I just roll my eyes and shake my head, thinking, “If someone did that to me, they’d catch some hands.” But, 90% of their bits are mostly embarrassing to them and at worst only mildly annoying to people around them.

And the punishments! Murr’s numb-mouth presentation is still my favorite, by far:


Really, though, if you only watch one show on this list, make it “Riverdale.” It’s incredible. The writing, the acting, the cinematography. It’s just so, so good.

I love you all.

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