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Tasty Tuesday: An Attempt was Made

Okay, so, like I said at the beginning of this year’s Blogtober, some of my Tasty Tuesday treats would be things I’ve never attempted before. Maybe they’d come out bomb (like the ice cream filled cake pops) or maybe they’d be a total disaster.

Today’s attempt at making Fudge-Stuffed Cookies was a total disaster. But, they’re still delicious, so I’m still calling it a win. An ugly, messy win.

To start, these cookies are inspired by the pillow cookies I saw on Bakerella’s blog years and years ago. Chocolate chip cookies stuffed with brownie? Sign me up! I thought, if I could smash a brownie into a cookie, certainly I could do the same with hot fudge.

And, you know what, I’m convinced, if I had been able to get the fudge sauce to freeze hard, this would have worked exactly how I intended! But, hot fudge sauce doesn’t freeze hard in your standard apartment freezer, so I came out of the gate off-kilter. If I could just get my grubby, hungry paws on some liquid nitrogen, this would have been a whole different ball game, witches!

But, oh well. The end result is still effing delicious, so here’s what I did:


All you need for this is some premade cookies dough (store bought or homemade) and a jar of hot fudge sauce (but not heated up–keep it chilled).

I started by scooping a fair portion of cookie dough (about 2 Tbsp) out and forming them into balls. In each ball, I used my thumb to create a well for the hot fudge sauce. Then I plopped a dollop of fudge sauce in there and covered each well with another ~1 Tbsp of cookie dough.

Throw those bad boys in the oven according to the standard cooking directions on the dough (usually about 12-15 minutes at 350*F).

I am 1000% convinced that if that fudge sauce had been frozen and I could have better formed the dough around it, and it wouldn’t have gotten so runny so quick, I would not have had the issue I had.


Yea, when the cookies spread out, the tops split and the fudge leaked all over the top of the cookies. Oh, no, she says sarcastically. My cookies are covered in hot fudge sauce. Whatever am I to dooooo?

I ate them. With milk.


Now, I mean, of course I would have preferred if the fudge had stayed inside the middle of the cookie. It would have looked nicer and would have been a pleasant surprise when you bit into it. Also, having the fudge mostly leaked out and cooked gives it a chewy, sticky rather than gooey, runny texture.

But honestly, I made eight of these and I’ve eaten three in the whopping six hours they’ve existed. They’re absolutely delicious.

So, go forth and win at this so-called failure! You’ll be soooo glad you did!

I love you all.

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