Coming Out: A Blogtober Interlude

This isn’t part of my normal Blogtober line-up, but as today is National Coming Out Day, I wanted to say a little something for the occasion.

To all of you who choose to come out today, I’m so proud of you! Coming out is not an easy thing to do. Choosing to do it takes a lot of courage. You’re awesome!

To those of you who are already out, I’m proud of you, too! Thank you for being open and honest with the world (or even just part of it, because it’s totally okay if you’re only out to certain people). Your decision to not hide this part of yourself, your decision to be visible even in some small regard, gives those coming after you something to look up to. You make things easier for the next wave.

For those of you who aren’t out, for any reason at all, know that that’s okay. Coming out is a deeply personal decision, and you don’t owe it to anyone. Maybe you don’t have the support network being out would require of you, maybe you live or work somewhere where you can still be discriminated against for being part of the LGBTQ+ community, maybe you’re just not ready, yet. Whatever your reason for not being out, that’s perfectly fine. Not being out doesn’t make you any less part of our community. We love you, and we are here for you, whenever you’re ready.

I came out as bisexual when I was about fourteen. I came out as on the nonbinary spectrum when I was about seventeen. Since then, my sexuality and gender identity have shifted and changed shape, because for a lot (a lot) of people, sexuality and gender can be fluid.

Your identity can change and you may decide to come out multiple times in your life. Do not let anyone try to make you feel as though your fluid identity is somehow invalid. Choosing to come out to someone is a show of great trust. Anyone who would try to make you feel bad or less than in such a situation is not someone who’s opinion of you is worth taking into consideration, anyway.

Whether you’re gay, a lesbian, bi, pan, ace, aro, or anything in between, if you identify on the trans or nonbinary spectrums, you’re seen and valued here today and always.

And you are loved. Today and always.

I love you all.

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2 thoughts on “Coming Out: A Blogtober Interlude”

  1. Dang it! I’m so far behind on all things social media that I completely missed another opportunity to make my mother cringe on Facebook (aka, National Coming Out Day). Beautifully stated, dearest Adie. 💛 💙 💜 ❤️ 💚

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