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Watch-This Wednesday: YouTube

Sorry this is a little late. Things happen. But, it’s here! Yay!

This week, I want to share some of my favorite YouTube channels. Expect gaming. That’s pretty much all I watch on YouTube anymore, so if you’re not a gamer, this post probably isn’t for you.

Penny Arcade: Acquisitions Inc./The C-Team

Acquisitions Inc. and their spin-off The C-Team are really the only things I watch on the PA channel. I love Dungeons and Dragons. Chris Perkins is the DM to the stars, so seeing him on AI is a blast. Jerry Holkins, who plays Omin on AI, DMs the spin-off The C-Team which is delightful.

They also do Acquisitions Intoxicated, which is a D&D themed drinking show. They do a few other game-themed shows and host their podcast, as well. I stick mostly to the AI and C-Team stuff.

Achievement Hunter/Let’s Play

A subsidiary of Rooster Teeth Entertainment, AH (and their off-shoot channel LP) is focused on video games. The team spans a decent range of ability, from really good to hilariously bad. The AH channel has a lot more off-topic and behind-the-scenes sort of stuff, as well as the animations (which are definitely my favorite). LP is, obviously, focused on the Let’s Plays.

They are definitely my problematic fave of the YouTube world. They’re kind of dicks, but it’s fun to watch them be bad at things and act stupid.

Jesse Cox: Scary Game Squad

Jesse Cox is my YouTube crush. He’s pretty average when it comes to gaming, but he has a hilarious personality so his videos are great to watch. My favorite is, by far, Scary Game Squad. SGS consists of Jesse and fellow gamer friends (Jirard Khalil, Alex Faciane, and Michael Davis) get together and, you guessed it, play scary games. They’re a bunch of cowards, so it usually involves a lot of screaming and hilarity.

Content Warning: The beginning of this game/video contains graphic content which may be disturbing to decent human beings. View discretion is advised.

I’m actually watching this episode of SGS as I write this. Sadly, it’s not as hilarious as other series they’ve done, but I’m holding out hope it will get better. I highly recommend their playthrough of Until Dawn, which is an incredible game. Jesse also does a lot of playthroughs of non-scary games.

He also cohosts a podcast with WowCrendor called “Cox n Crendor in the Morning.”

The Slow Mo Guys

The only non-gaming channel on this list. They’re technically an “educational” channel, according to YouTube’s categorization, but even they admit they just like doing crazy stuff and seeing how it looks in slow motion.


I don’t watch as much YouTube as I used to, because I just don’t have the time to keep up with all the new content. These are my favorites I turn to when I do log on, though.

Go enjoy some awesome gamers! Or if you don’t like gamers, go watch slow motion explosions! That’s something everyone can get behind.

I love you all.

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