Blogtober 2018, Watch-This Wednesday

Watch-This Wednesday: Cartoons

Like most millennials, I spend a lot of time trying to relive my childhood instead of thinking about my bleak present and bleaker future. These days, it’s easy to pretend I’m still a kid with so many great cartoons.

Here are some of my animated TV faves.

  • Steven Universe – I don’t think it’s possible to be a queer millennial and not love Steven Universe. The representation on this show is mind-blowing; all different body types and colors, sexualities, gender identities (nonbinary representation whaaa???). It delivers a great message about acceptance and respecting yourself and others. It deals with pretty tough subject matter–things other so-called “kid’s shows” might shy away from–and does so in a way that resonates without seeming like it would be over younger viewers’ heads. And it still manages to be fun and uplifting! I just love this show so much!
  • Summer Camp Island – This is a relatively new show (it premiered on Cartoon Network this past July) and admittedly I haven’t watched a lot of it because it airs at a time I’m just busy. But, what I’ve seen, I’ve liked. Now that I have DVR I intend to record it so I can watch it. It looks cute and I love any cartoon that features witches.
  • Bob’s Burgers – It’s not a perfect show, but it’s leaps and bounds beyond competing shows (*cough*FamilyGuyisgarbage*cough*). Tina is a relatable teenage girl; awkward and a little ridiculous, without becoming a caricature or the butt of the joke. Netflix pulling it is still one of the worst things that ever happened to me.
  • The Simpsons – A classic. It’s been on for thirty seasons and if you don’t at least have a general knowledge of the show by now, I’m not sure what I can possibly tell you. There’s a reason it’s lasted almost as long as I’ve been alive.
  • Teen Titans Go! – TTG is my problematic fave. I’m never quite sure if I love this show or hate this show, but it gets Pup’s stamp of approval. He convinced me to watch it (read: would watch it at my place and I rarely paid enough attention to care) and it grew on me. It’s a stupid-funny show (as in the humor is stupid; not that it’s so funny it’s stupid). It’s the kind of show that I find relaxing when I’m busy or stressed or otherwise overwhelmed. I can just sit back, laugh, and not have to think too much. In fact, I encourage you not to think when watching this show, because the humor can be obnoxiously offensive. But I love Raven, so… *shrugs*

Hopefully, if you’re a cartoon watcher, you find something on that list you might like. If you’re not a cartoon watcher… well… next week I’m doing YouTube channels, so maybe that will be more your speed? I don’t know what to tell you, Sheila. I can’t please everyone.

I love you all.

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