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The moooost wonderful tiiiiime… OF THE YEAR!

As we go into the last few days of September, as the crisp cool weather of fall and winter creeps ever closer, as dark clothes once more dominate the shelves, I can’t restrain my giddiness. Living in California, we don’t really get “fall” so much as “a couple weeks of pre-winter,” but I’ll take it. Halloween is fast approaching, witches! Whoo!

You know what’s also fast approaching?

Blogtober 2018!

That’s right, I’m throwing my hat in for another Blogtober–thirty-one straight days of posts. If you weren’t around (or just want to reread them), last year’s Blogtober posts can be found in the Blogtober 2017 category.

Once again, I’m doing themed days, but most of them are different from last year. This year’s schedule is as follows:

  • Music Monday – Pretty self-explanatory. I’ll be posting songs I like. A nice way to start the week, because who doesn’t love music?
  • Tasty Tuesday – Some of my favorite recipes and some new attempts which I’ll probably fail miserably at, but you’ll get to laugh at my pain. (YAY!)
  • Watch-This Wednesday – TV, movies, YouTube. Some of my favorite shows that I think you’ll enjoy.
  • Thankful Thursday – If you’ve been with me for a while, you’ll recognize this. If you’re new, this is pretty much exactly how it sounds; I’ll be posting about something I’m thankful to have in my life.
  • Friday Free-For-All – Again, pretty self-explanatory. Even I don’t know what’s going to end up here, yet. Maybe life updates, maybe craft projects, maybe I’ll post a three hour video of me maniacally laugh-crying over my algebra homework (but probably not).
  • Sartorial Saturday – I failed this pretty hard last year, but I like clothes, so I’m giving it another go. Outfit posts.
  • Spiritual Sunday – Once again, I feel like this is self-explanatory. These posts will be focused on my spiritual life/spiritual journey. Maybe I’ll give a tour of my altar, an update about where I am on my journey, anything that relates to my spirituality and/or witchcraft.

That kicks off on Monday October 1st, so don’t forget to check back daily in October for new content!

And just so this post isn’t nothing but an announcement of posts to come, here’s an eleven minute compilation of kitten videos:

I love you all.

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16 thoughts on “The moooost wonderful tiiiiime… OF THE YEAR!”

  1. Can’t wait for your Blogtober posts! Also, I didn’t wake up today knowing I needed an 11-minute kitten compilation video, but I needed an 11-minute kitten compilation video.

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  2. Good for you, Adie! I can’t seem to write a post once a month, so I am in complete awe of your commitment to this endeavour. Looking forward to what is to come! Good call on the kittens, by the way. I mean, you can’t go wrong with kittens…ever! 🤷🏻‍♀️

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        1. It starts October 1st and goes through the 31st, so it starts tomorrow, but really you could do it any month. Blogvember for November or Blogcember for December. I think the original premise was BADJ–Blog All Days in June (or July), which might be good for you since you’re a teacher and probably have a little more time in the Summer? I just choose October because it’s my favorite month (leading up to Halloween) so I feel excited and energized to do it. If I tried to do it in, like, January, I’d probably give up a week in lol!

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