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*screaming* What Day Is It??

I didn’t schedule a post for today, I’m sorry! I’ve been about three days behind this whole week and I’m not exactly sure why.

Okay, that’s a lie. I know exactly why, and it’s because I have this awful tendency of stacking up more plates than I can balance, then try to balance them anyway, and inevitably I drop the whole damn stack.

I blame summer. I don’t have a routine during the summer, because it’s just too hot where I live to create any routine that involves anything other than lying in bed with the fan blowing on me. If there is anything I’ve learned over the last two years, it’s that need a routine.

I’m trying to institute one, but until the Fall semester starts up (in about three weeks) and I have a better idea of how I need to utilize my time, it seems pointless. Right now, I’m just focusing on getting back on a “wake up in the morning, go to sleep in the evening” schedule. It’s not going well.

But, I wonder, what exactly do I want in a routine? What would my perfect day look like?

I’ve always wanted to be an early riser. And for a while, I actually had that down for a couple weeks, going to bed at nine and waking up at five. But, then I got ill and slept a whole day away and ruined that.

So, I’d like to wake up early and fix myself a healthy breakfast. Nothing too fancy or time-consuming; maybe an egg on avocado toast, or maybe a whole-wheat waffle and turkey sausage if I’m feeling decadent. Then, I’d like to do a half hour of yoga, just to get my blood flowing for the day, with a short period of meditation afterwards.

I’ve always been a night-time shower-er, but I’d like to shower in the morning before getting ready. Put on a little makeup, get dressed, be ready to start my day.

Since this is an ideal situation, I would drive to school. I would take a full course load and be in school for most of the day, Monday through Thursday, so I can actually get my degree before I turn forty.

I always pack myself a lunch the night before; usually a wrap or sandwich, but sometimes just carrots and celery with peanut butter and a hardboiled egg. Again, if I’m feeling decadent, or I know I’m going to have a place to actually sit down and eat at a table like a human I’ll make myself a salad or something fancy like lettuce wraps (which you basically have to bring the ingredients for, assemble, and then eat immediately, because they don’t travel well once they’re finished).

Once I got home, I’d probably take a little time (half hour or so) to just sit and relax. Maybe watch an episode of something, or maybe listen to music. Then, I’d make dinner, cleaning as I went so I wouldn’t have a lot of dishes to do later.

After I ate, I would work on my homework for a couple hours, then work on my writing for an hour before going to sleep.

Weekends, I think, would be roughly the same, except instead of going to school, I would work on things at home. Homework, my writing, craft projects, chores.

Perfectly speaking, of course. Right now, my daily “routine” looks absolutely nothing like the pretty picture of function I’ve painted above.

And honestly, it probably never will, because I’m human and I don’t live an perfect life. I live a real life, where sometimes things get overwhelming and I forget that I need to post something because, holy shit, people actually enjoy reading what I have to say and wonder where I am when I’m not here.

So, try not to hold my imperfection against me, okay?

I love you all.

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12 thoughts on “*screaming* What Day Is It??”

  1. Adie, I have been getting up at 4:30 am for 4 years, so that I can write before I go to work. It was hard at first, but once I got used to it, it became totally normal and it’s not even a thing anymore for me to get up. I just get up. Unless I am sick or really tired, of course. My friends think I am ridiculous but I love it! Find a routine you love but don’t place expectations on yourself, just do the best you can! That’s what I do. I am ridiculously imperfect, but hell, that is what makes life so much more interesting! So, not for one second would I hold your imperfection against you! You go girl!!

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    1. Thank you! ❤ I would love to wake up that early! You can get so much done. The world just isn't built for night owls–stores close between 8-11pm and good luck finding a job that starts after noon!

      I'm trying not to hold myself to too rigid standards. Ideals are fun, but obviously not realistic. ❤

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  2. Creating a routine is difficult and sticking to one is even more difficult! I was a night owl in college, so homework wasn’t started until at least midnight.

    The egg on avocado toast sounds yummy. How do you make your eggs? I’ll have to try that. Always looking for healthy breakfast options.

    Hope you nail your routine this school year. Good luck!!

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    1. Thank you! ❤

      It really is tough to keep a routine going, especially being at a point in my life where a lot of things are shifting. As much as I would love to be a morning person, I am definitely a night owl.

      For the egg on avocado toast, I've used both fried egg and scrambled egg and both are delicious. A fried egg with a runny yolk tastes the best, though.

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  3. I hear you, blog buddy. Trying to keep the same schedule as JoJo so that I can spend time with the missus, plus get blogging, writing, and other side hustles done can be exhausting. My head is up my ass 24/7 and I rarely know what’s going on outside of the bubble I’ve created. *shrugs* I’m all about the blog life.

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  4. High school teacher here! Mid August- mid June, I wake at 5:30, walk the dogs and practice yoga, then get myself and my kids ready. This summer, I decided I needed a vacation from early wake ups. Then I had a mental meltdown from not doing yoga/meditation because there was no time for it without the early rise. I planned to get up early, and have yet to follow through with that 😔 By the time I actually get up at quarter past 6, the kids are both also up and I put on my Mama hat, which stays on until bed time. I could make time at other points of the day, but it doesn’t feel right. I need the early morning sunrise time. I have two weeks left of sleep in vacation and have actively decided to sleep in, which is also needed and self-care, and which I get less of once school starts again. Next summer I don’t want to completely give up my morning routine, but this year I’m good to let it go. I’ll miss sleeping in soon enough…

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    1. Man, your kids are up at 6:15? I think my mother was always thankful if she could drag me out of bed by ten!

      Yea, I’ll definitely need to get back into the early wake ups, because I have a class that starts at nine this semester, which doesn’t sound that bad, but since it takes me two hours to get to school on the bus, I have to leave at ten to seven. It’s going to be an experience, that’s for sure!


  5. Ahhhhhh, the fantasy of having and maintaining a good routine — where everything gets done when it’s supposed to, the way that it’s supposed to! Adie, you and I have the same problem. You sound like a master juggler who drops everything like I do! But on occasion, it all comes together for one bright, beautiful moment! This is one of the hallmarks of an ADHD adult. At least that’s what I’ve been told. Good luck with your plans for getting it all together! I certainly hope you have better luck than me! And btw, I adore imperfect you! You’re awesome just the way you are! 🤗

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    1. To attest to the incredible progress I’ve made since making this post, I totally lost a day this past weekend. I totally thought Saturday was Friday (which makes zero sense, because I actually went and ran errands with my mom on Saturday, so obviously it wasn’t a work day for her). Life is pretty brilliant, right now.

      And thank you! You’re pretty awesome, yourself! ❤

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