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Life is That Thing That Sometimes Hits You Like a Truck When You’re Not Looking

When I revamped my blog, I decided I didn’t want to make anymore random, nonsensical, stream-of-consciousness posts which amounted to little more than a voyeuristic look into the train wreck of my personal life. And, I’m sticking to that.

I also still want to share what’s going on in my life with you all, because you’re amazing and I love you and sharing is caring. And also, life caused me to miss last Friday’s post and I have a compulsive need to explain myself so you won’t be angry.

A few weeks ago, I met up with my friend Matt for lunch. I don’t want to get into the specifics, but he kind of called me out on something that, while 100% true, I have been electing to ignore, for the moment. I also learned some other things about him that kind of put me off (who doesn’t like Halloween?? HONESTLY). That kind of dampened the vibe and I ended up coming home feeling kind of “meh” about things.

Like I usually do when I’m in a bad mood and have no other outlet, I sat down to write a quick little story–just a way to distract myself. I sat on my bed with my laptop and wrote.

And wrote.

And wrote.

And by Monday evening–four days later–I had completed a short novella, completely without meaning to.

Yea, I accidentally wrote a book.

Of course, since I wasn’t intending to write a book (and in fact, wasn’t intending to write more than a couple pages of *ahem* romance *ahem* to get out some frustration), there’s little rhyme or reason in the beginning of the story. The characters are two-dimensional and the plot needs to be fleshed out a little more. But, I completed a story, from beginning to end, and the skeleton is solid. It just needs to be tweaked and rewritten with a little more intention.

I’m proud of that. I’m also extremely happy that, holy crap, I might actually be able to throw this up on Amazon in a year or so and people could actually buy and read something I wrote. Whaaa??

So, I’ve been distracted, spending a lot of time trying to give the characters more depth and outline the plot in a way that fills in holes I overlooked at first. Background. Emotion. An actual story arc, as opposed to idle fantasy. You know, stuff to make it believable and interesting.

(It’s also kind of… eh… adult-themed, so I’ve been debating whether or not I want to share it here or post it under a pen name–but that’s a way off.)

As though that weren’t an event in itself, the excitement of “HOLY CRAP I WROTE A BOOK” triggered more creativity. I started making jewelry like a person possessed. Jewelry making was something I enjoyed doing when I was younger, but my motivation for it kind of fell away when I hit my Big Depression a few years ago. The interest remained and I continued to buy supplies for a long time (for when I “got better”), so I had plenty to work with (and bonus: I really need to clear out my craft bins, so this was a two-birds-one-stone situation).

Blue agate pendant with blue quartzite chips (and matching bracelet)
Amethyst pendent with silver chain and black glass
Hematite and mother of pearl bracelet, black tourmaline pendant on black cord

I’m pretty stoked about what I created. The hematite and mother of pearl bracelet is my favorite, followed closely by the blue agate and quartzite layered necklace that I actually went and bought more stuff for instead of making my current stash work. I still have a lot of pieces left over and I will never wear all this jewelry. I’m considering throwing some pieces up on etsy, once I have more done. I will be sure to post a link.

My summer class takes up a lot of time, because it’s a condensed course (to fit into the 8-week summer break, rather than a 16-week normal semester). Plus, I’ve been getting involved with my church activities–I went to a Fourth of July BBQ and this upcoming Monday (7/15) kicks off a 6-week class/discussion group I will be attending. So, there’s just been a lot of activity for me, lately. Since I’m normally not quite so active, I’m struggling to manage it.

To top it all off, Pup (my ex-fiancé and dear friend) has been having some health issues. That took up a lot of my attention for a solid week there. He seems like he’s doing much better, for which I’m grateful, but the stress from that worry really took a steep toll on me.

The thing about me is I’m an ideas person, without being an energy person. I have a lot (a lot) of awesome plans/things I want to do, but juggling all of them can leave me frazzled and sometimes I drop a ball.

I’m still around, though. And with all this activity, I have a lot to talk about, so stay tuned.

I love you all.

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12 thoughts on “Life is That Thing That Sometimes Hits You Like a Truck When You’re Not Looking”

  1. Ok that all sounds totally awesome.
    I love the jewellery, it really is very, very good. I love the amethyst pendant the best, next the black tourmaline. Yes, put it on etsy! And so well done about the writing! I am so proud to know you, if that makes sense! Just an idea, I had women’s erotica short stories published by xcite books, an imprint of Accent Press. They make ebooks and paper books. Pay was £50.00 one off flat fee, which isn’t much, but it was nice to see my stories in a real book and in bookshops as well as on amazon. Link to my stuff on my about page if you are interested.

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    1. Thanks! I’m glad you like it! Once I get a few more pieces made, I’ll list a few on etsy and post a link. I’ll also look into Xcite once I’m a little closer to being done with editing. You’re always so supportive, thank you so much! ❤

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  2. Ok. I wasn’t first in line…but here I am! 😃 I’m really excited for you! Writing a novella, making jewelry, doing more social things—you’re going to take over the world one day!

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