Mercury Retrograde and Social Depression

I’m chalking the negative feelings I’m having towards some friends up to Mercury Retrograde and the fuckery it’s conducting with communication. I don’t usually “feel” Mercury Retrograde, because communication and decision making is always a nightmare for me (thanks, anxiety), but I’m feeling this one, I think.

I’m just really sick of some of the people in my life having to be contrary all the time. Especially on Facebook, where I would say probably half of my friends there are people I’ve never actually met, but have known online for 10+ years. Lately it seems like the only times people want to comment on something is to rain on the parade.

People just seem to feel a need to be negative, no matter what. If I post something, I either get no responses, or negative responses. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t bother commenting on people’s posts, because why should I? And, maybe that’s petty and juvenile of me, but it’s frustrating when it feels like I don’t get out of a friendship what I put in.

Admittedly, sometimes the negative responses are more commiserative; like I make a post about being frustrated with school and someone chimes in, “I’m in the same boat,” or, because I’m thirty and most of my friends have kids, “My kids feel the same way.” Which is cool, that’s fine. But, if you’re going to respond to someone who is venting, at least acknowledge what the other person has said, yea?

And, okay, I know that’s probably nitpicky. But, whenever someone responds to one of my posts venting about school to vent themselves, without even acknowledging that I’m going through something, like not even a, “That sucks. Bummer,” it just feels like they were waiting for an opportunity to talk about their problems and they don’t really care that I’m going through something. Commiserating is great, if you actually acknowledge that you’re both going through the thing.

It’s not just posts, either. Like, I understand, maybe not everyone wants to get all mushy where a bunch of people can see. Posts tend to feel a little less serious, so I understand that not everyone is going to respond to them the way they would privately. But, this happens a lot when I message people to talk, too. People like to tell me often, “If you ever need to talk, I’m here,” but when I message them, they almost immediately turn the conversation to what they’re going through. And it’s like, I still feel exactly the way I did before, except now someone has written proof of it.

I’m always more than happy to share my friends’ posts about causes they’re interested in or fundraisers or whatever, but I will specifically ask people, “Hey, it would mean a lot if you could share this thing for me,” and either they just never respond, or they say they will and never do.

It just feels like I have such a lack of actual support and I’m so tired of it.

Maybe that’s why, even after the emotional nightmare Pup put me through a few years ago, I’m still not willing to let go of him. Like, yea, he did a horrible thing to me, but he’s also always supported me, always been there to listen if I needed him, very rarely turns the conversation to issues he’s dealing with, and on the rare occasions he has it’s usually been to relate to what I’m talking about in an attempt to help (like, learning from his experiences kind of thing). Like, he fucked up really, really, really bad, but at least he cares.

It’s getting to the point where I want to start culling friendships, but that might be the retrograde talking. I mean, this isn’t a new feeling for me, this lack of support, but it’s much more intense, right now. In my objective brain, I’m sure it’s just a matter of telling people when this happens, “Hey, this makes me feel bad.”

I don’t know. I’ll come back to this once retrograde has passed.

I love you all.

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15 Comments on “Mercury Retrograde and Social Depression

  1. Negativity is contagious. People seem to feed off of negativity more than positive things. I’m sorry you feel unheard and unsupported. I think if you feel the need to end some friendships it’s not about the other person, it’s about you. Your feelings matter, your thoughts matter and you as a person matter. Sometimes it’s not about everyone else. I’m very much a people pleaser so I know, I get it. But sometimes it’s about making the hard decisions for ourselves so that we benefit from them. If we don’t look out for ourselves, who will? Sending love to you, Witchy. 🌞🌙✨🔮💕

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    • Thanks, hun! Luckily, I have no problem ending friendships when things get toxic, but I do want to make sure I’m making the right decision, first. I strive to be forgiving, but I’m also trying to remind myself that just because I forgive someone for their selfishness doesn’t necessarily mean I should continue to allow it in my life. Thanks again for your kind comment. ❤

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      • I understand. And it is hard to be forgiving, too. I admire your will to want to be forgiving. And I agree you don’t have to allow someone else’s selfishness to affect your happiness. You are very welcome! 💕

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  2. I hear ya’, and I hate that you’re having such problems with friends not reciprocating. If it makes you feel better, you’re not alone. And, as a funny side note–I laughed at your use of “fuckery” because I wrote my blog post for tomorrow less than 3 hours ago, and I peppered the post with “fuckery”. XD

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    • Thank you, love. ❤ It's a weird time in general. Even if you don't buy into astrology, I'm going into the second half of the semester, everyone is going crazy over every little news story, and the world is generally a giant dumpster fire. So, I'm trying to make sure I'm not letting outside BS affect other stuff.


  3. Sorry, you are feeling so bummed, but I totally get it. The retrograde is probably wreaking havoc on your brain, although, I think that people, in general, are less available than they used to be, which is super weird since we are supposedly all so ‘connected.’ Makes no sense. If you don’t feel like commenting on posts, DON’T. Take care of yourself, however, you need to – your well-being matters above all else​! Big hug! xo

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    • Thanks, doll! I agree, people aren’t as available as they used to be. I think it’s because they’re trying to be SO available, because we are so “connected” through the internet. It’s like, you used to have your group of friends, probably about 5-10 people you hung out with and talked to on the phone fairly regularly. Now, people are trying to keep in touch with literally hundreds of people, most of whom we don’t even really know. We just spread ourselves way too thin, people who actually matter (actual friends, family) get lost in the shuffle. So sad.

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  4. I understand what you’re going through! And I do believe negativity can be contagious, which is why I’ve been steering away from people a bit these past two weeks. I’m feeling a bit negative myself (well, frustrated, really, which is why you haven’t seen a lot of me lately). Mercury retrograde ends when? Not soon enough!

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    • Definitely not soon enough! April 15th, I think. Which sucks, because I’m meeting a friend for lunch on the 12th! And I’m so good at talking to people under the best circumstances lol!


  5. Hi, sorry to hear you are having these issues with friends and support/lack of.
    I agree with what you say in the comments re availabilty and spreading ourselves thin.
    I don’t really know very much about astrology but what you describe in your post reminded me of a post I wrote ages ago called ‘In praise of PMS’, where I considered the idea that the, let’s call it ‘irritation’ I feel during that time could be useful, showing me the things I don’t like but usually just put up with. (I probably put it more eloquently than that in the post.)
    I know we are meant to make decisions when we are calm and rational, but that doesn’t mean that what we feel when emotions are running high doesn’t also have something to show us.
    Very interesting post.
    I hope your meeting up with your friend goes well even though it is in this period.
    With all good wishes!
    Rachel xxx

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    • Thank you! Yes, even though the actually decision making is better made when calm, that doesn’t mean that we should discount what we feel in the interim. After all, like you said, there are things we don’t like and just put up with when feeling less emotional. Just because we can tolerate them during that time doesn’t necessarily mean we should!

      Thanks again! ❤

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