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Some of you may have noticed that I mention my “spiritual counselor” or “spiritual advisor” on occasion, but I don’t think I’ve ever explained what that means, who she is, or what she does for me. Or, if I have, it’s been lost in the annals and purges.

I officially met Jacqueline Valdez when I was in my late-teens or early-twenties, but she’s known me for much longer. My mother started seeing her when I was very young. I feel like I’ve known her my entire life–that’s not some metaphysical philosophy, implying that I think I knew her in a past life; that’s just the vibe she gives off. Being around her is comfortable, like having lunch with an old friend.

The service Jackie officially provides (ie: what’s under her name on her office door) is “Intuitive Counseling.” She’s akin to what skeptics and naysayers might refer to as “a psychic,” but that’s not what she does. A session (from my experience) with Jackie includes a tarot reading (multiple spreads, depending on what you’re visiting her about), aura reading, and words for you to meditate on and think over (she provides three: your struggle, what you need to do to overcome it, and where you’ll be once you do). She combines astrology, divination, religious practices, and empathy/intuition to give sessions unique to her client.

I refer to as my spiritual counselor, because that’s what a session is like for me: Like counseling for my spirit. I know there are skeptics and pessimists who say it’s all made up or whatever (truth bomb: all religious beliefs were made up by someone, somewhere, at some time). But, literally the second I walk through that door, all my stress, the anxiety, the depression–it all melts away. For an hour, I am calm, content, optimistic, and free.

As far as I’m concerned, that alone is well worth the price of admission.

But, beyond that, sitting with Jackie gives me hope. These sessions (I usually go twice a year; once around my birthday and once around Christmas/New Year’s, and they’re usually gifts from my blessed mother) give me a sense of direction when 90% of the time I feel lost and confused. It may not be “traditional” therapy, but Jackie has helped me far more than any traditional psychologist ever has (and for less money per session).

[Disclaimer: I’m not saying I haven’t benefitted from traditional therapy; I have, greatly. Nor am I saying that anyone currently seeing a traditional psychologist/psychiatrist should stop and pursue religious counseling instead. I’m talking only about my own personal experiences and what has helped me. Your mileage may vary and I am not licensed or qualified at all to give anyone advice on how to manage their mental health.]

Yesterday’s visit was a little bittersweet. It confirmed things I already knew regarding something I’ve been holding on to and it’s time to let go of. It also gave me assurances that I’m on the right path and that, though it may take work (like everything in life does), it will be worth it on the other side. I consider these sessions extremely personal and private, so sorry I’m not giving more details than that!

Although, I will admit that there was one part that kind of shocked me. I forget exactly what we were talking about, but she said, “You’re getting things going, you’re letting things go, you’re saying, ‘I don’t need to drive…'” That really caught me off guard, because I hadn’t mentioned that to her and it’s not something that would have been easily guessed. Every session I’ve had with her ever (literally, ever) has featured me asking, “When am I going to get my license?” and talk of how badly I need to get my license and start driving. I have a lot of faith in Jackie–I’m not a skeptic by any means–but I do try to take these sessions with a grain of salt. It’s intuition, not concrete fact; possibilities, not definite outcomes. So, to have her say something so concrete and tangible, to make such a definitive statement about a decision I’ve made, kind of threw me. I thought that was kind of neat, like having my mind read (again, that’s not what she does; she’s not a psychic).

I also want to share with you my three words:

Smile, Hope, Value.

Not a bad group, all things considered.

I feel refreshed and renewed and ready to take on anything. Bring 2018 on. I got this.

I love you all.

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    1. I’ve never seen that. I’ll have to check it out (if for no other reason than my writing nerd brain just likes the alliteration). Honestly, even if someone isn’t into tarot and similar things, it’s just a nice, calming experience to sit in a room with incense and pretty stones and have someone listen to your problems and give you advice.

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  1. I’m definitely knowledgeable about this topic and I do think it can be helpful for some people. I can also understand why others wouldn’t see the benefits. I think everyone should do what works for them and it sounds like this is helping you. Sounds great and thanks for sharing 😀


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