Yes, I do yoga. No, it doesn't particularly help.

Excuse me for a moment while I rant.

Whenever someone finds out I have depression, suddenly it’s like they become a medical expert.

  • “You should try meditation!”
  • “You just need more sunshine!”
  • “You’ll feel better if you stop eating so much sugar!”

And first of all, fuck you, I will not eat less sugar. Sugar (aka chocolate) is, like, the one thing that makes me happy and I will not let you take it away from me, dammit!

Second, those things may be helpful for mild cases of depression, or when someone is just having a bad day. But, chronic depression isn’t going to be fixed with some deep breathing and “happy thoughts.” They can help temporarily, but no one can spend all day every day exercising or journaling or eating cucumber and watercress salads.

Telling someone with depression to “think positively” is like telling someone with a broken leg to “walk it off.”

Stop. Just. Stop.

Unless the person doing the advising is a licensed psychologist, they need to not presume to know my disorder better than I do. These obnoxious idjits need to stop assuming that I’m just sad because I’m too lazy to go for a walk on the beach. These people don’t know anything about anything because if they did they’d know to keep their fool mouths shut.

I do yoga, on occasion. It’s fun, but it’s not a miracle cure for mental illness. When I’m done, my brain is still there. Screaming.


Speaking of depression, last week was tough, for me.

I didn’t get to see Pup again this week and I’m lonely. Lonely is always a problem for me. I know that I have people that I can talk to which will help ease the loneliness, but the problem is that I always feel like such a burden, or a nuisance. Everyone has their own lives going on; they don’t have time for me.

I know, that’s such a self-defeating attitude. I really need to work on that whole anxiety and self-esteem thing. I need to remind myself that I’m worth at least ten minutes of someone’s time.

On top of that, my sleep schedule is a mess, right now. Currently, I’m sleeping from about 7:00am to 4:00pm and that is really not a good thing. Not only will it be a serious pain when school starts back up at the end of the month, but it’s impossible to get anything done. After a certain point in the evening, certain big projects or chores (like doing my laundry or moving furniture to organize my room) aren’t feasible. The laundry room is closed and I don’t want to make too much noise.

So, I’m left with a lot of quiet time (because it’s the middle of the night) and not a lot to do to distract myself. This inevitably leads to some not-so-good thoughts. TV helps. And it’s January, so I’ve been doing a lot of planner set-up for the new year. But, still. My brain just never lets me chill.

But, Pup and I are going to Disneyland on Tuesday (assuming I can get my sleep schedule semi-corrected). That will give me both social interaction and an activity with which to distract myself. And, hopefully, it will be a big step to improving my sleep schedule, so maybe I can get some laundry done before I run out of undies. *fingers crossed*

Then, next Tuesday, I have an appointment with my spiritual counselor. That always makes me feel better.

Things are tough, but they’ll pick up. They always do.

I love you all.

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9 Comments on “Yes, I do yoga. No, it doesn't particularly help.

  1. That is definitely the worst, I hate when people do that! Not that yoga, or any exercise can’t help some but like you said it certainly won’t cure you! People seem to think that yoga will cure any illness, mental or physical. I’ve been told yoga will cure my chronic migraines despite that ya know not being how medicine works lol.

    Hang in there though, I know how you’re feeling and it can suck, but have fun at Disney!

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    • Thanks! One of my dear friends suffers from migraines and I don’t envy her! I can’t imagine the idea of doing yoga with a migraine is even feasible, honestly. While I can understand how it might help prevent them, exercise and health and all that good stuff, it’s certainly not a cure!


  2. Depression is never fun….and the “helpful” suggestions don’t always help, either. I wish I had answers. Communing with the shore or up on my Mountain always help me. Sadly, both are currently too far away. Double fudge chocolate brownie ice cream and a pile of small white fluffy dogs work in the meantime. Blessings…..

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  3. I am sure people IRL would want you to go see them and would come and see you if they knew you were lonely. In the meantime, there’s us readers. Rant away, we are here for you!

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    • Thank you, Sadie. ❤ Unfortunately, most of my IRL friends have moved out of state and I've let my anxiety keep me from making new local friends. But, I'm working very hard to change that! Glad to know I can always count on my readers, though!

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      • So sorry to hear that, but best of luck with making new friends! Feel free to use contact box if you ever want to chat x

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  4. One of my friends who is also a coworker came up with a whacky fun idea yesterday: speed friending. This works well for extroverts like me, but I’m curious to see how it will work for introverts. The social experiment is pending, will post about it on my blog after it happens.

    PS: This is by no means a “helpful suggestion.” I’m just blathering here in the middle of the night. Chocolate is my god.


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