Cleaning and Cleansing

Spring is a time for cleaning and cleansing for many witches. Of course, January isn’t exactly spring, but in California it certainly feels like it. I’m trying to get a jump start, I guess.

I live in a very small, very cluttered space. The only remedy to this is to get rid of things, but like I mentioned in Monday’s post, I have already gotten rid of so, so much. I really don’t like getting rid of things that I can use eventually (if I just had the time).

But, I also want my space to be a calming, positive space. It’s hard to feel calm when I can’t even get to my closet. I also haven’t had the opportunity to cleanse my space in far, far too long. My room has seen too many arguments, too much sadness, and too, too many anxious episodes. I need that energy to go on its way, please and thank you.

I like my space to be clean before I cleanse. When everything looks nice or organized, it makes me feel less anxious and overwhelmed.

It’s not generally a good thing to go into a cleansing anxious and overwhelmed.

So, I’m focusing on getting my space looking good at the moment, so that I can do the cleansing and make it feel good, again. I spent a good chunk of Tuesday night moving some things around and putting my books away where I can actually get to them to read (which is helpful). Today I plan on reorganizing my craft supplies (again) so that maybe I can clear out one of the sets of drawers I have and remove them to free up space.

I’ll talk a little more specifically about my cleansing once I actually do it, but I stick to a pretty simple “standard” ritual: burning sage (or other cleansing incense), sprinkling blessed water, and asking the Universe to renew the energy of the space.

Is anyone else gearing up for some Spring Cleaning/Cleansing? What are your tips and tricks?

I love you all.

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10 Comments on “Cleaning and Cleansing

  1. I’ve been trying to de-clutter for the past 2 months. I have boxes in storage we haven’t opened for 10 years. Getting rid of things is SO LIBERATING! Currently I’m trying to reclaim my art room. Things have been stored there, too (plus, an inordinate amount of yarn…which is currently getting used up!).

    My tip? When cleaning and doing windows…I always run a bit of fresh orange peel along the window casings.

    Orange Peel lifts those who are down, helps the confused find direction, and gives new life to spiritual yearnings. Its scent is good for dealing with obsessive thinking, for turning us back to what is important.

    Lemon Peel helps with cutting oneself free of old ways of thinking and feeling, be it a habit, non-productive regrets, or an obsessive love. Some folks use this fragrance as many would frankincense – to purge or purify a location or object of negative spirits or vibrations.
    (part of a blog post for later this month!)

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    • I definitely have a few boxes like that, myself! I’ve debated just chucking boxes without even opening them, but I’m the type of person that will throw old documents or similar sensitive items in with a box of old board games just because the box had a little extra room. Definitely don’t want to accidentally throw out something important like that! (I really should come up with a better system.)

      Orange and lemon peel are great ideas! Citrus oil also helps keep away mosquitos, if I’m not mistaken. That’s always a bonus.

      I look forward to your blog post about this.

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      • We came across…..

        Stuffed animals (teen: “They can go! No! Wait! That was my Special Kitty.”

        My Little Ponies (teen: “There is no way you’re getting rid of my 70+ collection. And their clothes. And their houses. Wait! Rainbow Ash needs a makeover! ”

        Definitely go through the boxes. We found a lot of memories (even if we didn’t save them all).

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        • Honestly, definitely keep that MLP collection. Might be worth something, one day. My dad gave away about $2000 worth of Legos (including complete sets, not just the loose bricks you used to be able to buy) that I’d been storing in his garage back when I was about sixteen. I still haven’t forgiven him for that. I look up my favorite kit he gave away on eBay and the thing is worth $80 now. *sigh*

          I definitely know some of those boxes hold sentiment. I have a hat and scarf set my grandmother gave me in storage somewhere. It’s just a cheap little thing she got at Old Navy and I almost never wear it (California winters, you know), but I still can’t bear to part with it.


  2. I suffer from OCD, so I am a minimalist. When I had an apartment, it was sparsely filled because clutter stresses the hell out of me. So spring cleaning was never a thing for me. But I tell ya, it makes a huge difference to have fewer things, just makes breathing seem easier and everything more relaxed! Good luck to you! Oh, and Happy New Year!

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    • Interesting. I have OCD, so I’m a hoarder. Mostly of craft supplies, but also clothes, books, and other “useful” items. “But I can use this!” I insist, holding 1″ scraps of paper. “But it looks so cute!” I sigh, clutching the shirt I’ve never worn. “But one day my kids can read it!” I argue, putting the teen-lit book on the shelf, despite never planning to have children.

      But, like you, clutter stresses me out. Hence, my conundrum. At least I’m not such a hoarder that I can acknowledge that the compulsive keeping of stuff is stressful and exhausting.

      Thanks for the luck (I need it), and happy new year to you, too!


  3. I hear ya and I hate clutter so much, I de-clutter every 2 months. I know it sounds like overkill, but my son rapidly grows out of clothes and shoes so I donate often 😀

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      • Glad you understand because that would drive me to an irritated mindset seeing all the clutter so you are right. It’s healthier for me to stay organized.

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