College Finality

As of 1:45pm yesterday afternoon, I am officially done with the fall semester. Go me! I mean, sure, I only took two classes, but that’s two classes I didn’t have before.

I made some Christmas cards to give to my teachers and a few of the people I’ve met this semester. Nothing too out there–they only took me about 90 minutes to make, in total. I wrote a little note in each one basically saying, “You’re awesome! Thanks for making the semester suck less!” But more personalized to the person.

Ash sent me a text message a little while after class yesterday to thank me and say that he was glad we met, too. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get together over the winter break. We have amazing conversations. Maybe I’ll get a chance to meet his husband. That would be cool.

I will admit I’m a little bummed no one else has let me know they opened theirs and told me they liked it/hated it/think I’m insane, yet. But, I’m also coming off a very emotional period, so that may just be my hormones talking.

It was a very weird feeling, leaving school yesterday. I hung out for a while to talk to my communications professor about a personal problem, then I dawdled on my way to the bus. I ended up getting home an hour later than normal and I was in a funk for the rest of the evening.

It’s strange to not have any homework to do or an essay to work on or a test to study for. It’s left me feeling a little… empty? Maybe even depressed. I was walking around in that same kind of “what now?” haze that I had when I lost my job.

So… what now?

Well, I’m already enrolled in my classes for the spring. I’m taking algebra, intro to radio, tv, and film (it’s for my general education arts requirement…), and intro to biology. I may drop the biology class, though, if I can find a job between now and the start of the semester. I have pretty much all of January off to look, so we’ll see.

Otherwise, I’m just going to be working on myself, this blog, maybe a few other projects I have lying around.

To everyone else finishing up their classes, good luck! Enjoy your break!

To everyone not in school at the moment, try not to go too crazy during the holiday!

I love you all.

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