Surviving Winter: Southern California Edition

It’s December and everyone is posting their tips for surviving winter. That’s cute and all, and they’re really interesting reads (really; I love me some Crock Pot dinners, so shower me in your stew and soup recipes), but I live in Southern California, so 90% of it doesn’t apply to me. Down jackets? Heated blankets? I would die of heat stroke.

Winters in Southern California are akin to the brisk beginnings of fall I experienced when I lived in Colorado Springs. Pleasantly cool and the perfect temperature for cute layered outfits without being so bundled up you waddle everywhere you go. (Do you all hate me, yet?)

Even so, California winters are still much colder than California summers.

So, here are my top four tips for surviving winter, So Cal style.

Shall we?

1. Don’t slack off on the sunscreen.

Let’s start of with the real-deal, here. This is an important tip for anyone braving those frigid 65-degree temperatures to actually spend time outdoors.

Winter in California can be overcast and cloudy, with hints of rain every here-and-there. A lot of people are under the misguided belief that just because the sun is hiding behind the clouds that it can’t get to you. Those people are wrong. Even though we may not get the same heat as direct sunlight, those harmful UV rays can still make it through the cloud cover.

So, be sure to lotion up if you’re going to be spending time outside. You’ll be grateful when you don’t get skin cancer.

2. Put away the flip-flops, witches.

I get it. Flip-flops are a So Cal staple, fuck what fashion blogs say. They’re easy and convenient for quick trips to the grocery store and everyone knows Californians live on the beach (the one universally accepted time to wear flip-flops).

But, it’s winter. It’s the one time a year were we can wear cute boots and close-toed shoes without getting nasty, sweaty foot-stink. Embrace it! We only get this opportunity two–maybe three–months out of the year, max.

If you really must show off your new pedi, go for a peep-toe bootie. These Kristin Cavallari Leeds are definitely on my Christmas wishlist.

3. Break out the leggings and long-sleeves.

California does get a little chilly in the winter, especially if you live near the coast and get that cold ocean breeze. This is the perfect weather to rock all those cute layered outfits everyone always talks about. Let’s face it, 90% of the time the only thing we can layer is our burritos and bean dip.

Get some cute patterned leggings to wear under your torn-up jean shorts. Put a cute button-up sweater or thin sweatshirt over that crop-top. This is the time of year when all those cute, flowing, gauzy scarves are finally wearable, so rock them!

4. Eat like a cold cowboy.

Winter is the time where everyone is posting their favorite soup and stew recipes. It’s tough not to want to jump on the tasty bandwagon. But, maybe you’ve gotten used to hitting up your favorite taco place every night after work and you aren’t ready to give up some of the best Mexican food north of the border.

Have no fear! Get that Mexican flavor while still following the soupy trend by making taco soup in the Crock Pot! I use this recipe from All-Recipes, minus the beans (because I hate beans; if you like beans, you can leave them in). Garnish with sour cream and shredded cheese.

You can also serve it over fried rice, if that’s your thing.

So, those are my tips to prepare you for a nice So Cal winter.

Go out there and enjoy that crisp breeze, witches. And seriously, don’t forget that sunscreen!

I love you all.

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11 thoughts on “Surviving Winter: Southern California Edition”

  1. Fascinating but I can’t help feeling envious, it is freezing here in the UK! (I am wearing leggins, sweatpants, thin socks, thick socks, vest, long sleeve tunic dress, roll neck jumper, fleece and scarf. I am indoors by the way, luckily, as I look like I got dressed in the dark!)

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    1. I remember weather like that from living in Colorado. Especially coming from California, I tooootally wasn’t conditioned for snow, so I would bulk up with so many layers, I pretty much waddled everywhere because I couldn’t bend my legs. XD

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    1. We’ve been getting this weird back-and-forth thing in San Diego. It will be overcast and chilly one day, blistering hot the next, and later that night I feel like I might freeze to death in bed. I would be okay with three days, if they were consistent days!


        1. My cats can’t be in my room, because they like to climb on and destroy everything (nothing like waking up at two in the morning to the sound of your altar crashing to the ground) and my bed is right next to the window, so I have a pile of big, fluffy blankets to keep me warm lol!

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  2. I love these tips. This was kind of funny to read – the fact people are still wearing flip flops over there while in Jersey I’m wearing a winter coat, lol. I think I’ll check out that taco soup 😉

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