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Where do you sell your art?

In addition to blogging about my life, I’ve also been known to dabble in photography. I would love to sell some, but I’m struggling to find the best platform. I have a RedBubble site (currently I don’t have much up), but I’m not sure how wide-reaching it is (I almost never see people link to RB shops). I see Society6 used a lot, but it seems kind of expensive (I just realized as I wrote that: it’s entirely possible that, unlike RB which seems to use its own pricing, the prices on Society6 are set by the users). I’m a little lost on what platform would be the best for me.

So, I come to you, witches.

If you have a shop where you sell your art, what do you use?

I’m looking more into places like RedBubble or CafePress, which will do the printing/packaging/shipping for me, so I can keep prices lower.

Where do you prefer to sell your work? Do you use multiple sites?

And link your shops below so I and others can check you out!

I love you all.

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8 thoughts on “Where do you sell your art?”

    1. It does, definitely. The only drawback is selling in a physical space like that requires physical products and I don’t currently have the money to have prints of my work done up for direct sale. So, right now, I’m focusing on sites that do the printing themselves on an order-by-order basis, until I can save up the money to have prints run off to sell myself (*cough*because why should some other website be making money off of my work*cough*).

      But, yes, that is something I would be interested in.

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      1. Yes, do! Several dance photographers we know have those accounts. Dan is going to start with his nature photography just to have a presence and then add his dancers photos when he gets a chance.

        You could also go the Cafepress route. I’m not sure how that works, tho.

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  1. I’m on Redbubble mostly and find their site easier to use and product quality the best. Cafe Press, I never seem to have enough pixels for more than 8 of their products, and although Society6 has some diverse products, you have to edit almost every product picture. Here is my link Let me know if or when you decide on Redbubble so I can follow your account. Best to you. Deb šŸ™‚ I followed you on Twitter.

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