Where do you sell your art?

In addition to blogging about my life, I’ve also been known to dabble in photography. I would love to sell some, but I’m struggling to find the best platform. I have a RedBubble site (currently I don’t have much up), but I’m not sure how wide-reaching it is (I almost never see people link to RB shops). I see Society6 used a lot, but it seems kind of expensive (I just realized as I wrote that: it’s entirely possible that, unlike RB which seems to use its own pricing, the prices on Society6 are set by the users). I’m a little lost on what platform would be the best for me.

So, I come to you, witches.

If you have a shop where you sell your art, what do you use?

I’m looking more into places like RedBubble or CafePress, which will do the printing/packaging/shipping for me, so I can keep prices lower.

Where do you prefer to sell your work? Do you use multiple sites?

And link your shops below so I and others can check you out!

I love you all.

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8 Comments on “Where do you sell your art?

    • It does, definitely. The only drawback is selling in a physical space like that requires physical products and I don’t currently have the money to have prints of my work done up for direct sale. So, right now, I’m focusing on sites that do the printing themselves on an order-by-order basis, until I can save up the money to have prints run off to sell myself (*cough*because why should some other website be making money off of my work*cough*).

      But, yes, that is something I would be interested in.

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      • Yes, do! Several dance photographers we know have those accounts. Dan is going to start with his nature photography just to have a presence and then add his dancers photos when he gets a chance.

        You could also go the Cafepress route. I’m not sure how that works, tho.

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  1. I’m on Redbubble mostly and find their site easier to use and product quality the best. Cafe Press, I never seem to have enough pixels for more than 8 of their products, and although Society6 has some diverse products, you have to edit almost every product picture. Here is my link https://www.redbubble.com/people/emma60?asc=u Let me know if or when you decide on Redbubble so I can follow your account. Best to you. Deb šŸ™‚ I followed you on Twitter.

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