Sartorial Saturday: Black and Pink Boots

Honestly, my decision to ~do fashion~ this month just blew up in my face. I’m sick as hell (not super great, since I have about 120 cookies worth of sugar cookie dough I made sitting in my fridge I need to bake, but I don’t want to bake when I’m sick for obvious reasons), so I spent today in my PJs, working on my Halloween costume. As a result, this Sartorial Saturday is part fashion part craft project.

So let’s get to it.


I bought these shoes about two years ago, during my trip home to Colorado. I wanted them in black, but they didn’t have the black in my size. The sales guy and my sister worked in tandem to convince me to get them in this baby pink despite my insistence that I would never (ever) wear baby pink shoes. My sister finally managed to convince me by saying, “If you really don’t like them, I know a spray paint I use for my cosplays and you can just paint them the color you want.”

Sold. I brought them home and haven’t worn them once. I was actually planning to throw them up on eBay when I realized I could alter them for my Halloween costume! Perfect!

This easy-but-time-consuming task required me to spray paint the lace a bright pink and the rest of the shoe black. The paint I used was Design Master Colortool Spray in pink glow and Design Master Glossy Spray in glossy black. It’s made for use on flowers.

20171028_221804940_iOSI started by spray painting the lace on the sides a super bright pink. This matches the rest of my costume almost perfectly! I was super excited, because I bought the spray paint online, so I had no idea if the color I got would match the “swatch” I saw online.

The next thing I did was pin plastic wrap over the sprayed lace (after it dried, of course) to protect it from the black. This was the biggest pain in the backside of the whole project.

I don’t have a picture of that because I didn’t think about it.

20171029_003537818_iOSFinally, I spray painted the rest of the shoe black. It’s not perfect, by any stretch of the imagination, but it will work for now. I’ll have to do a few touch-ups (maybe I’ll do that on Monday, if I have time, since hopefully I will be over this damn cough and will be baking all the things), but I doubt anyone will be scrutinizing my shoes too thoroughly on Tuesday.

I bought some black shoelaces for them, since the baby pink laces they originally came with obviously wouldn’t work anymore.

FYI: Target has a horrible selection of shoelaces. Horrible. I needed 45″ black, round laces. They have 45″ black flat laces, or black round laces in 30″, 54″, or 72″. *eyeroll* Of course. Whatever. The 54″ will work.

And, of course, the finished product on my legs. Those aren’t the socks I’m wearing with my costume, but they are cute and I kind of forgot I had them, so I threw them on. Ha!

What super fun stuff are you dressing up as for Halloween?

I love you all.

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