Thankful Thursday: Support Network

Something has changed with my unemployment compensation. I used to certify for my benefits once every two weeks, but this week I got a notice to certify even though it has only been one week. I’m incredibly paranoid that my unemployment has run out and that was my last week of receiving benefits (even though I should be getting benefits through April 2018… but maybe that’s only up to a certain amount… I don’t know, because this is the first time I’ve ever received unemployment).

Obviously, that has me a little on edge.

I’m incredibly thankful that, even if I do have to pretty much close out my bank account to pay off my Visa card and get myself out of debt (because I’d rather have zero money and zero debt, than a little money and rapidly growing debt from only making minimum payments and thus incurring nightmarish interest), I’ll be okay. Not in that “God will provide” sort of way (although I do believe that).

More in an “I’m so lucky I have parents who won’t let me be homeless” kind of way. I already live with my mother rent-free and I’m sure if my unemployment suddenly ran out she would be willing to help me out with some of my other expenses, like my bus pass.

I’m incredibly grateful that I don’t have to worry about money as much as most others my age. I can focus on getting through school and getting my life back on the track I want/need it to be on.

Definitely something to be thankful for.

I love you all.

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