Sartorial Saturday: HAHA OOPS!

Note: This was actually supposed to be posted last Saturday, but I guess I didn’t schedule it??? HAHAHAHA OOPS OH WELL, HERE, HAVE IT TODAY.

Huh. Maybe this wasn’t such a great idea. I’ve never been one for dressing up on weekends. Bras are for weekdays.

Also, I’m sunburned and don’t feel like wearing anything other than my Deadpool tank and lounge pants.

But, I have some older outfit-ish pictures!

I spent a good five years working on this jacket. I finally got it (mostly) finished, or at least wearable. I wore it to Comic Con because the convention center can be freezing cold, sometimes. These two pictures are from that day.

Now, mind you, I did mention I’ve been working on this jacket for about five years, slowly collecting patches and pins to add to it, dying it, replacing to old, ugly buttons. It fit me better when I first bought it.

The issue is that I dyed it purple. Fabric dye requires hot water and hot water tends to shrink clothing. So, I can’t actually wear it and I need to take all the patches and stuff off of it. The idea of starting over makes me want to vomit.

I may just cut the sleeves off and open up the arm holes a little bit, since that’s really the main problem.

I really don’t want to start over. Like. Really don’t.*

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

I love you all.

*I already started over. It’s actually already done. I will post that next weekend after I’ve taken better pictures of it. See? Forgetting to post this last week actually worked out in my favor, because now I have a whole other week to figure out how to take halfway decent pictures of my outfits that don’t also show off what a sty my apartment is. That’s good for everyone.

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11 Comments on “Sartorial Saturday: HAHA OOPS!

    • I got the crystal ball patch from a company called Belial Clothing and the moon phases patch from Poison Apple Print Shop. Both stores unfortunately seem to be sold out (Poison Apple actually appears to be on hiatus), but maybe you could message them and see about restocking, if you’re really interested.


  1. Always something different and completely honest and original, I really enjoy your posts!

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    I know dyeing it purple is what caused the shrinking but purple is my favorite color lol

    But, can’t wait to see the finished one!!

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    • Mine too lol! And the color came out on it so nice, too. I’m super disappointed that it shrank. I’m definitely going to find some way to modify it into a vest or something so it’s still wearable!

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