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Sunday Shorts: The Beast

No sweet treats this week, because baking is too expensive to do weekly and also I need to eat better. So, instead, here’s a little short story I wrote a few years ago. Enjoy!

Title: The Beast
Rating: PG
Genre: Horror/suspense
Word Count: 254

The wind rushed past her ears as she ran, her hair trailing behind her in a black wave. Twigs and dried leaves crunched beneath her bare feet. She didn’t acknowledge the pain of the rocks or thorns digging into her flesh and making her bleed. All she knew was that she had to keep moving, keep moving, keep moving and don’t stop! The only time she let her focus drift from pushing forward was to chance a glance at the moon.

The big, bright, full moon.

As she moved, she dodged tree trunks and low hanging branches. The air felt cold and stung her face and lungs as she panted. Clouds overhead drifted in the breeze, blocking the light of the moon and making her eyes strain in the darkness.

Behind her, she could hear the brush of the forest floor disturbed with every step. A deeper, heavier panting echoed her own breath, the sound growing louder and closer.

Terror gripped her heart, but her resolve strengthened–she must keep going.

There! Just past a small cluster of trees, she saw the lights of the village. Fires burned in lamps outside doors. All she needed was to reach one. The beast would never show itself in the light. Survival was a few short meters away.

Her foot caught on a root. She stumbled. She fell. Her heart sank.

She had lost.

With one last look at the village, so close to being her savior, she closed her eyes tight as the beast descended upon her.

Huh. You ever read your own work and find hidden meaning in it? I wonder if the metaphors I found in this are just coincidental, or if I’d subconsciously placed them there when I first wrote it? Curious.

I love you all.

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