Monday Musings: I'm so Damn Tired.

I’m in a great deal of physical pain, at the moment, thanks to a pinched nerve in my shoulder and a tight muscle in my back that makes my entire right arm feel like it’s in a vice grip. I should start doing yoga.

I’m also in an extreme amount of emotional distress waking up and heard about Las Vegas. A friend of mine lost a friend. Other friends are still waiting to hear back about loved ones. My brother and his wife lived in Vegas for many years and her mother still lives there. I’ve never started crying so quickly after waking up.

Is anyone else just fucking exhausted? Like, is anyone else just so fucking done with being forced to hear about and live through this bullshit? Everyone says something needs to change.

But when we say, “Take away the guns,”*

They say, “Oh, no, no, no. That won’t do.”

When we say, “De-stigmatize mental illness so that those affected won’t be afraid to seek help,”

They say, “Oh, that’s not the problem. I have nothing against the crazies.”

When we say, “Make mental healthcare more affordable and easily available,”

They say, “Well, are you going to pay for it?”

And now I have to spend my day off looking up violent crime statistics in gun-free countries so I’m ready for the inevitable argument with my more conservative friends and acquaintances about gun control.

And, witches, I am fucking tired.

Stay safe out there.

I love you all.

*I’m not necessarily an advocate for getting rid of guns. I like going shooting and having a weapon to defend myself in my home (where there are no small children to find it) would make me feel safer. But, at this point, even I have to admit something needs to change.

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