On Vacation, with Love

Hey all! I just wanted to schedule this friendly reminder that From Adie, with Love will be on hiatus during the month of November for National Novel Writing Month!

In addition to not updating the blog, I’m also blacking out on social media. This means I won’t be updating or checking the @adiewithlove Twitter or Instagram and I will be avoiding Facebook like the plague. I also apologize in advance for inevitably slipping on reading everyone else’s updates. I’ll try my hardest.

If you’re curious about my NaNoWriMo progress, you’re still in luck! There are some places you can still reach me through NaNoWriMo (and beyond).

  • I’ve officially signed up on the NaNoWriMo website, so you can view my official profile here.
  • Since I know I will forget to log on to the NaNoWriMo site, but check WordPress every hour, I’ve created a WordPress site for my writing and photography that I will post updates on. I will continue updating this after NaNo.
  • I’ve created a secondary Twitter account (@ammickle) for writing updates/promotion, photography promotion, and general off-brand fuckery. I will continue to update this after NaNo.

After NaNoWriMo ends, I’ll post a little more information about these secondary accounts and how they relate (or don’t relate) to From Adie, with Love. It’s safe to say you can expect some changes to how I utilize my social media going into the new year, though.

Alright! I think we’re covered! Wish me luck, dear friends, and I will see you on December 1st (which is a Saturday, but we’ll pretend it’s Friday and totally on my usual schedule).

I love you all!

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Watch-This Wednesday: Creepshows

It’s Halloween! And while this marks the end of Blogtober, it also marks a time to celebrate by getting our terror on! Whoo!

I’m sure some of you have epic plans for the evening; going out, spending time with actual living(-dead) people. But, if you’re like me, you’ll probably spend a good chunk of the night at home.

Here are some creepy suggestions to make the most of this spookiest day of the year. Read More

Tasty Tuesday: Semi-Homemade Chocolate Croissant

I’m a cook and baker by birth. I come from a long line of women who spent hours in their kitchens, slaving over their stoves and ovens to provide their loved ones with delicious, homemade meals. It’s a tradition I am happy to uphold. If I love you, I feed you. Hell, if I even only mildly tolerate you, I feed you. If you’re going through a hard time and I don’t offer to bring you an ooey, gooey lasagna in an aluminum pan, I probably hate your guts.

And I love to eat. Thanksgiving is probably my second favorite holiday, because I love that Thanksgiving spread. Turkey, mashed potatoes, broccoli, rolls, all covered in gravy. Not to mention to cheese and crackers, and deviled eggs, and chips and dip put out to snack on while cooking the main course. And pie for dessert. Honestly, just give me the food and no one gets hurt.

Here’s the thing. I’m also really freaking lazy. Or maybe I’m not lazy and it’s just the depression sapping my will to put any effort into anything. Either or.

So, I cut corners. I don’t do a lot of real from-scratch cooking and baking anymore, because it’s just me and mom in the apartment. Maybe Pup. It’s too small and crowded to invite my friends over. We have no one to impress.

Enter: Semi-homemade goods. Thank Providence for things like Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, because I make all kinds of delicious stuff with those! Like today’s masterpiece. Read More

Music Monday: The Spooky Spirit

T-Minus 3 days until Halloween! This is not a drill, people!

In honor of the impending holiday, I wanted to share some of the music that gets me in the Halloween spirit. Funny enough, this post could alternatively be titled “Music Monday: Classic Rock” because no one evokes an aura of witchery like classic rockers, apparently.

Seriously, every song on this list is older than I am.

Let’s get to it, shall we? Read More

Sunday Spirit: Samhain

We’re coming into the home stretch of Blogtober and I’m pretty proud of how I’ve done, thus far. Scrapping the fashion posts aside, I stuck to my “theme” each day, was only late posting one or two posts, and even managed to get some things queued in advance (instead of rushing around at 3:00am to write something up… or writing it the day of). A pretty big step up from last year. Maybe next year I’ll get everything written and queued in September so I can just take October off!

The end of Blogtober means the end of October which means Halloween! For those of us witchy folks, it also means Samhain, the end of the witch’s year.

Samhain (pronounced: sow-in) historically marked the end of the final harvest of the year. In some Pagan practices (particularly Wicca), it marks the death of the old God and Goddess in her Crone form mourns him for six(ish) weeks, before going into Yule (the Wiccan/Pagan new year).

Samhain is a time to honor the dead. It’s said that the veil between this world and the next is thinner during this time, if that’s your thing.

In honor of the upcoming Sabbat (it creeped up so quickly!), I wanted to share some things you can do to celebrate. Read More

Saturday Share: Back on an Upswing

I told my therapist on Thursday that I’m having an upswing–feeling good, getting things done. She calls that “the And place.” Read More

Friday Free-For-All: Follow Friday

Back when I first started prepping for Blogtober, when Saturdays were supposed to be for fashion posts, I initially intended for the last Friday Free-For-All to be a kind of diary post of what I’d been up to this month. Then I nixed the fashion posts in favor of diary posts and had to come up with something else to do for this last Friday!

I didn’t have time to do another craft post or anything like that. I thought about posting some photography, but I’m actually planning to post my photography on a different site (details to come when I’m back from my NaNoWriMo hiatus).

What to do, what to do?

How about spreading a little love, huh? I have had so much support over the last couple months and I’m so grateful.

Last time I did a blog recs post was back in January. You can check that out here (and be sure to follow all those wonderful folks (the one’s who haven’t deleted or stopped posting, anyway–I’m so sad, some of my favorite people have gone inactive). People with real lives to take care of aside, there are still incredible active bloggers on that list and you should go give them some love!

But, my list of blogger friends has grown this year and I think it’s time to do another recommendation (especially since even last time that was hardly every one I could recommend to you). So, this Friday Free-For-All is a Follow Friday! Whoo! Read More

Thankful Thursday: Mental Health Help

You know what I’m really thankful for, lately? All of the mental health assistance I’ve received over the last month and a half. The last six weeks (and the last two weeks in particular) have honestly been kind of life-changing for me. Read More

Watch-This Wednesday: Movies

I’ve done TV, YouTube, cartoons. But what about some full-length feature film stuff? What do I recommend to pop in the Blu-Ray player on Friday night and watch with a big bowl of popcorn and a warm blanket?

Here are my favorite movies I watch over and over (and you should, too). Read More

Tasty Tuesday: The Easiest Chocolate Pie You’ll Ever Make in Your Life

I was originally going to post the recipe for my beef stew, but then I remembered that my beef stew is pretty boring* because I only like meat and potatoes and carrots in beef stock. And it never thickens right. I can never get it the right consistency.

And then on Saturday night Allen and writer-friend Chase Connor had an exchange about chocolate pie which awakened my inner Homer Simpson.

Via Giphy

So, I decided I was going to make pie. Not Snickers pie, sadly. Maybe next time. Read More

Music Monday – Let’s Relax

I’m still reeling from the diagnosis I received on Thursday. I’m feeling less overwhelmed by it, but even “less overwhelmed” is still pretty damn overwhelmed.

So, This week, I’m going to share some nice, relaxing music with you all. No lyrics to sing along to, this time.

Enjoy. Read More

Sunday Spirit: Praying as a Witch

I’ve said for years that I don’t see much difference between spell work and prayer, especially when compared to Catholic prayer rituals. Candles are lit, incense is burned, words are said. Ultimately, both have the same goal: To put a request out to Providence in hopes it is fulfilled.

That being said, the first time I actually prayed–not worked a spell, but just prayed–it felt very strange. Read More